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Vastu Tips To Follow For Early Marriage

By Kalyani
शादी पक्की होने में आ रही है परेशानी, इन उपायों से करें समाधान | Boldsky

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. It is that bond which has already been made by the divine, you just have to find your soulmate here. And while we all look around for our life partner at a certain age, not everyone finds a suitable match so soon.

Did you know that the vastu in your house may be hindering your marriage prospects? Did you know that a few vastu doshas can actually delay your goal of finding your soulmate? It is true. If you are encountering problems with your marriage prospects you may have a few of these vastu doshas, that may be the cause.

One of the biggest worries of a parent is to get their child married at the right age and to the right person. Especially after they reach a marriageable age, any delays can cause them worry and concern. So, for such parents who are worried about delay in their son/ daughter's marriage and are unable to find a solution, these vastu tips will come as a relief. Follow these simple vastu tips for getting married soon and find the right match for your child quickly.

1. An unmarried girl should avoid sleeping in the south western corner of the house. Choose to place a bed in the north west direction for increasing your marriage prospects. If that corner is unavailable due to various reasons, you can go for the extreme eastern or extreme western direction too.

2. An unmarried boy should avoid sleeping in a bedroom that is in the south east direction. It should be in the north east direction. If this is not possible, then proper south or west is also good to attract good vibrations for marriage.

3. If you have been having problems in finding people of your liking, make sure the marriageable person sleeps on a bedsheet with light colours. Preferably like shades of purple, pink, yellow or white. This will bring the right energy and positive vibes in the room.

4. If you have an underground water tank, make sure it is not in the south west direction of the house. If you have one in that direction, you must remove it and place it somewhere else. This is one of the most important vastu defects that bring delay in a marriage process.

5. A person who wishes to get married soon should not sleep with any iron objects under his bed. Also there should be no clutter below the bed or in the room. A clean and clutter-free room induces positive vibrations.

6. The colour of the walls in a marriageable boy's room should be light shades of yellow, baby pink or completely white. This will go a long way in helping you to get married soon. Lighter colours reflect good energy and create an environment of positivity.

7. The entire house should have walls painted in colours of lighter shades. Preferably pastel colours. This will bring positive energy to the house and can speed up things in the matrimonial department. Completely avoid painting rooms in dark colours like black and brown.

8. Avoid placing a staircase or such heavy things in the centre of the house. Vastu shastra has explained that a staircase or a stairwell in the centre of the house can delay the marriage process. Make sure that your staircase, or any such heavy structure is not in the centre of the house.

9. For people with mangal dosha struggling to find a match, it is suggested that they paint the door of their room with bright red and pink colours. This tip is especially great for people with mangal dosha. Painting your door in red or pink will reduce the effect of mangal dosha on them.

10. Avoid buying a plot of land that slopes from north east to the south west direction, if you are looking for marriage prospects, as this can delay your wedding.

Follow these simple vastu tips for getting married soon. Some tips are just mere correction of lifestyle, but the positive effects it can bring about are immense. Parents should make sure to avoid these vastu defects in the house as well as the rooms of their children in order to get the marriage process running fast and smooth. Hoping these tips help you in finding a suitable match soon. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. Wishing you all a happy and blissful life ahead.

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Story first published: Monday, May 21, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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