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8 Simple Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home

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Are you experiencing coughing, sneezing, constant itches, watery eyes, etc, and their annoying symptoms?

If yes, then you may be suffering from allergies! It is no easy feat having to live with these irritating symptoms, and they can also hamper a person's quality of life to a great extent.

Many of us are allergic to various things. It is sometimes very hard to determine what is the root cause of our allergic symptoms.

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Different people have different reactions to things. While some people are allergic to dust, pollen, pollution, etc, a few others may be allergic to peanuts, milk and even chocolates!

how to make your house allergy-free

Allergy is nothing but the human body's negative reaction to foreign substances. Some people's systems are more sensitive to certain substances and they cause reactions in the body such as rashes, sneezing, coughs, itchy eyes, etc.

In extreme cases, allergic reactions to certain substances can also be fatal!

We cannot control the effects of certain allergens that are found outside of our homes, like pollen, pollution, etc. However, did you know that there might be numerous allergy-causing agents right in your house?

Also Read: 8 Simple Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Home

They could be the reason for your constant allergy attacks.

So, it is crucial to take a few steps to keep your house free of allergens and make sure that you and your family remain safe and healthy.

Let us see how we can make our houses allergy free!


1. Get Rid Of Clutter

It is important to keep your house clutter free. Get rid of things that are not needed. Keep household things well organised, so that there is no way for allergy-causing substances to accumulate. A clean house means healthy occupants!


2. Clean Curtains/Drapes

The drapes and curtains can make room for a lot of dust and dust-mite accumulation, thereby breeding allergens. Make sure you clean them regularly. You can make do without drapes too, if you do not find the time to clean them regularly.


3. Clean Mattresses and Couches

There are numerous microscopic dust-mites and bacteria found in your mattresses and couches that are known to be the main reason for common allergies. Cleaning or vacuuming mattresses, pillows, sheets, couches, etc, regularly helps a lot.


4. Animal-Free Home

Many people are allergic to animals because the hair/fur of certain animals can breed allergens and microbes that affect humans. If you are one of them, it is crucial to not have any pets around on a daily basis.


5. Fix The Vacuum Cleaners

Sometimes, we forget to empty the dust bags in the vacuum cleaners and a lot of dirt gets collected in them with time. Using such vacuum cleaners to clean the house can release more allergens that are accumulated in the dust bags. So, it is important to clear out the dust bags regularly.


6. Get Rid Of Mold

Mold is also one of the main causes of various allergies in people. Leaky roofs, which breed molds, must be fixed. Also, bathroom walls must be regularly cleaned to eliminate the growth of mold and fungus.


7. Clean Air Filters and Ventilators

You regularly need to clean air-conditioning filters in your home, as there is a strong possibility of dust/mold accumulation in them that can cause various allergies. Exhaust fans, windows and other air ventilators must also be kept clean and dust free.


8. Use Hot Water For Washing

By using hot water to wash sheets, carpets, doormats, clothes, etc, you can ensure that microbes and allergens are eliminated because of the heat, thereby keeping your house allergy free!

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