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Best Uses Of Wax Paper

By: Debdatta Mazumbder
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One of the most important ingredients you need to have in your household includes wax paper. There are several uses for wax paper. But do you know the method of using oiling papers to make make your home beautiful? From the middle ages to nowadays, the uses of wax paper have changed a lot but the necessity has remained the same.

What are the best uses for Wax Paper? If you ask a cook, he or she will not take time to answer. They would use it to preserve foods. But the answer will change if you ask a gardener. He will say that wax papers are very helpful to protect the garden tools from rust. So, the uses are different to different users. Many of you are aware of various uses of this smooth paper. It is a paper with smooth texture which is used for wrapping foods so that they never stick to the pot. In case of arts and crafts, wax paper is used deliberately.

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In bakeries and restaurants, wax paper is used a lot. But there are other uses too. What are they? Read on-

Wax Paper Uses

1. For Polishing Metal- To retain the glaze of metal ware, polishing them with wax paper is a wonderful method. Take a crumpled wax paper and polish the faucets, medals and cups with it. There will be a barrier of wax between metal and water and your metal will remain gleaming for long time.

2. Clean Kitchen Cabinets- This is one of the best uses of wax paper. The dust and oil makes your kitchen cabinets greasy and sticky. How can you maintain a fresh look at kitchen? Cover the cabinets with wax paper. Change them every 2 months.

Wax Paper Uses

3. Cover Paint Cans-
After painting, you attach the lid and keep it. When you open it again, you can find skin on the edges of the can. If you cover the can with a wax sheet, you can prevent the formation of skins.

4. Preserve Fabrics- Do you have any vintage dress in your family? How can you keep the asset perfect for your future generation? Wrap it well with wax paper. It will keep it away from light and the colour won’t fade.

Wax Paper Uses

5. Make a Funnel- If you want to pour a liquid in a bottle and don’t have a funnel, take few wax papers and wrap them in a cone shape and fix it well in the bottle. The ready-made funnel can serve your purpose.

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6. Safe for Microwave Use- If you use plastic wrappers, they can melt in the microwave. Tin wraps can create sparks. Use wax papers to wrap foods before putting them in the microwave.

Wax Paper Uses

7. Keep Dirt Away- Do you live in a road side apartment? Then you must have noticed your room and furniture catch maximum dust and dirt. While moping, attach a piece of wax paper to the mop. The stubborn dirt will be removed easily.

8. Protect Cutting Board- Uses for Wax Paper are numerous. Try this one. While cutting, place 2-3 wax papers on the board to protect it from pathogens. If you don’t go too harsh with knife, the wax papers will remain intact while slicing and cutting.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 27, 2015, 18:03 [IST]
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