Awesome Ways To Prevent Clothes From Fading

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Each and every time you place your favourite clothing in the washing machine, I'm sure you wish upon a star for it to not run or bleed colour. It is said that when you use harsh detergents on your garments, the colour tends to run out immediately due to the presence of chemicals mixing with the fabric of the cloth.

On the other hand, even cheap-quality material garments when washed can leave out a lot of colour. This colour bleeding sure makes your clothes look dull and faded. To prevent colour bleeding and for your ensembles not to fade, there are a handful of simple tips that you can follow.

Tips To Prevent Clothes From Fading

These awesome ways to prevent clothes from fading have to be done well in advance, before you place your clothes in the machine to be washed. If you are hand-washing the garments, soak the clothes in these natural ingredients to prevent your clothes from fading.

Dark, bold and black coloured clothes are prone to fading faster than the rest of the colours. To keep black clothes from fading, follow these ways to keep them in a perfect condition. Here are a handful of home improvement tips to add to your daily agenda. Take a look:

prevent clothes from fading

Wash Them Inside Out
When you wash black or bold colours in a machine, it is important to turn them inside-out and then wash. Don't worry about the dirt and grime coming off, it will eventually get clean. This is the first step to prevent clothes from fading.

A Vinegar Soak
If you're hand-washing the clothes, add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent water solution that contains the clothes. Allow your garments to soak for 5 minutes and then rinse. This little trick will help keep the black clothes from fading.

how to keep black clothes from fading

Prevent Direct Sunlight
It is important to not leave the garment under direct sunlight, as the rays will have a bleaching effect on the clothes allowing them to fade quickly.

Learn To Dry Them Correctly
In some cases, if you need to dry the garment in direct sunlight, turn it inside-out. On the other hand, air-drying the clothes is a much better option than placing them in a dryer. Air-drying can extend the life of a garment for sure.

Cold Water Only
Using cold water to wash the clothes and also prevent them from fading is a great technique, as hot water encourages the colour to bleed. This is one of the great and simplest ways to prevent clothes from fading.

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