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7 Things To Shop For Thanksgiving

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Every year, your shopping list gets longer and longer as the festivals arrive one after the other. Thanksgiving is one festival that celebrates family and food. Thus most people stay home or rather come home for this festival. Needless to say that every homemaker will have a huge shopping list for Thanksgiving.

You have a grocery shopping list, a set of gifts to buy for friends and family and most importantly, the Thanksgiving turkey also needs to be purchased in advance. Thus shopping for Thanksgiving is a different ball game altogether. Many people buy new cutlery and crockery for their tables during this time. You could also have stuff like new table linen on your shopping list for Thanksgiving.

Essential ingredients for cooking must also feature in your Thanksgiving shopping. And then, what is a grand family dinner without some vintage wine? You will also need beautiful candles to set your table for the Thanksgiving dinner. So there is no end to the number of things you need to shop for.

But there is one thing that mars your joy while shopping and that is the festive rush in the stores. To avoid this last minute rush time, you must prepare your shopping list atleast a couple of days earlier. That is why Boldsky presents you with a list of things that you must not forget to include in your Thanksgiving shopping list.

If we have missed out item that you think deserves to be in this shopping list, then do share it with us.


Thanksgiving Turkey

All your preparations are incomplete without the right turkey. You need to book your Thanksgiving turkey in advance because everyone is looking for the best bird!


The Wine That Goes

Every dish has a particular variety of wine to go with it. Usually, red wines is good with poultry. So you can buy some vintage red wine to compliment your roast turkey.


All The Herbs For The Bird

Roast turkey is the main dish for Thanksgiving and it often requires a lot of herbs. Make sure you have atleast the essential ones like rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano etc.


Carving Knives

Turkey is a huge bird and the larger the family, the bigger your turkey will be. You cannot carve out the meat properly without the right carving knives.


Food Thermometer

The meat of the turkey is dense so you need to check its internal temperature after cooking with a food thermometer. It ensures that the bird is properly cooked.


Table Linen

This the best time of the year to buy table covers, napkins etc. This is because the dinner table is the main attraction of this festival.


Tiffin Boxes & Plastic Wrappers For Storage

Usually, there is a lot of food left behind after Thanksgiving. You need to store properly because there are a lot of leftover recipes that you can try with it.

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Story first published: Monday, November 19, 2012, 14:50 [IST]
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