Reusing Old Lingerie For Home

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Reuse Lingerie
We understand that it is too painful to throw away those old lingerie that you bought paying big money. They are all branded, don't tear or lose colour that easily. Most of the it is only the elasticity that is lost so throwing them is not very convincing. They neither can be worn as they don't fit and hold your bust tight.

No to worry! We have a few tips that will help you reuse lingerie (brassieres and underwear) for home decoration. Take a look.

You needn't have to feel shy about reusing old undergarments as they cannot be made out unless you hint your family members and guests.

Reuse Lingerie For Home Decoration

1. What To Do With The Cups? - The padded bra cups can be used to make a beautiful hand bag or an accessory bag. It is too simple.

Join the two cups and remove the extras (the joining and the hook portion). If the strap is still shiny and bobbin free you can use it like a handle.

Stitch the firm or harder end of the cup which is the bag base. The opening can be zipped.

Decorate the cups with buttons, bows or sequins to make it look like a stylish bag. If you aren't brave enough to show-off with friends, you can use it like a jewel bag.

2. The strap, bows and lace work can be carefully removed and used to beautify your apron, hand kerchiefs and tissue box.

3. The bra hooks can be preserved and stitched to shower curtains. The hooked ends are tough enough to be hung on a rod.

4. The straps and laces can also be used to decorate your stuff toys. You can even make a teddy bear by stuffing your underwear with waste cloth. Stitching the bra cups as the legs and face. Buttons can be used to the eyes and nose, draw whiskers with a permanent marker.

Reuse is the new mantra of home decoration. The ideas are inexpensive and help to develop creativity.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 23, 2012, 11:54 [IST]
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