Ways To Remove Smell Of Paint From Home

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We all do wall painting once in a while but it the while after this 'once in a while' that becomes problematic. The smell of paint is nauseating and more often than not the people staying in the house cannot stand it. If your home smells or rather reeks of paint then you need not pack up and go for a vacation. Neither do you need to move into a hotel or guest house because there has been fresh painting on your walls.

There are some very simple ways to get rid of the smell of paint from your house and your life. Try these home remedies.

Ways To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Paint:

1. Use Good Quality Paint: The better the quality of the paint, the less will the odour. In fact, you even get odourless paints these days. So if you invest a little in getting these paints then you can spare yourself a headache. Also adding a few drops of vanilla essence to paint reduces the smell considerably. Add few drops every to every can of paint you use.

2. Get Lots Of Sunshine: When you are painting walls then they need plentiful sunshine, to dry up and also to rid itself of the smell. The smell of paint comes from the dampness; so the sooner it dries up the better the smell situation will be. That is why they say that you must never paint at night, the paint fumes settle heavily inside the home.

3. Cross Ventilation Helps: Nothing works like cross ventilation when it comes to getting rid of smells from home. Keep all the door and windows in your home ajar during the day time and the natural breeze that blows through will take care of your stinking freshly painted home.

4. Fuming Dry Coconut Shells: The outer over of a the coconut is inflammable and has a very strong smell. They are usually burnt in rural areas to keep mosquitoes at bay by their antiseptic smell. You can put to good use in your new home that has been painted.

5. Camphor & Naphthalene: Burning camphor is an immediate relief from the heavy stink of fresh paint. But do not smoke up your entire house with camphor or else you will coke. Naphthalene balls are odour resistant but also poisonous so make sure small children do not swallow them.

6. Onions Soaked In Water: Soaking pieces of onions in water and keeping these water bowls around the house is a home remedy for paint odour headaches. The water will make sure your eyes don't burn and the strong smell of onions will take care of the stench.

7. Herb Fumes: Herbs like basil, rosemary etc. have very strong smells. If you shift your herb garden indoors temporarily then it might help you counter the smell of paint.

Use these home improvement tips to get rid of paint smell from your house.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 17:17 [IST]
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