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How To Keep Your Home Cool For Summer?

Summer is soon arriving and if you are staying in apartments that hardly get shade from the trees or other buildings then you will be soaked in sweat due to the heat in walls, ceiling and sunlight. Today, we shall suggest a few improvement tips that will help you to maintain your home cool for the next two months. Take a look.

From Mahashivaratri, it is the sun that rules the upcoming season and the wind is no longer cool or humid but, is dusty and dry.

Ways To Maintain Your Home Cool During Summer

1. If you have a balcony that facing east or west, make the best of it. Have big potted plants such as croton, ferns or climber plants that will absorb all the heat and maintain your walls cool. Climbers are best plants to grow during summer (eg money plants, bougainvillea).

2. If you have an open terrace, apply a coat of white cement over the cement base. White cement contains chalk and clay kaolin which absorbs water and retains for a longer period resulting in a cool ceiling. Add a mug of water during and night to keep the ceiling cool. You can also grow climber plants or lawn in the area (terrace gardening).

3. Marble is the best flooring for summer as it is always cool and doesn't absorb heat as much as the other tiles. The cane curtains provide better protection from sun than fabric curtains. You can however prefer dark coloured curtains (thin cotton curtains) to prevent internal heating.

4. Indoor gardening will also soothe your eyes in the hot weather. You can have cactus (if you have water problems) or good ferns, ikebana for indoor. Bamboos always keep home very cool.

5. Prefer dark coloured wall paints for the interiors as this absorbs light and heat. Certain colours like clay brown, dark grey or bottle green feel as cool as natural air conditioners.

6. Prevent mirrors, crystals and glass in the sunny areas as they reflect and add to heat. Having meal in fresh banana leaves is organic and healthy for the hot season. Avoid eating in plastic and iron utensils.

7. Wear light coloured clothes as it reflects heat and keeps you cool. Avoid anything in colour black. Cold water bath keep your body and mind fresh. Prefer sleeping on mats rather than mattresses.

To maintain your home cool, it is very important for you to keep your own body and mind cool. These tips will certainly bring peace to your lifestyle and summer home.

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Story first published: Monday, February 20, 2012, 15:42 [IST]
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