Tricks That Make Kitchen Waste Disposable

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Kitchen Waste Disposal
Kitchen waste is the bulkiest form of waste in most households. And yet, you see the tiniest of dustbins in the kitchen. Most working professionals struggle with proper management waste at home. It is all good to have a management degree and manage teams at work. But when it comes our own home, we seem to forget all the management theories we have learned.

To dispose waste hygienically is in the best interest of the planet. If you are short of time, then these tricks can make kitchen waste disposal easy for you.

Tricks To Dispose Kitchen Waste Quickly:

1. Produce Lesser Waste: The most effective way to speed up your waste management at home is to produce lesser waste. You can easily streamline the amount your are putting into the waste with a bit of thought. Do not waste food and try to reuse your junk; waste will reduce automatically.

2. The Two Dustbin Theory: You cannot segregate wet waste from dry waste until and unless you have two separate dustbins. It is absolutely mandatory to do this because all your kitchen refuse that is organic, can go back to the earth. Plastic disposal has to be done separately.

3. Keep Dustbins Together: You must keep the two dustbins next to each other to make this trick work. If your wet waste basket is in the kitchen and the dry one in the balcony, then you tend to get lazy. You will be tempted to throw that plastic wrapper into the wet basket. But if both are together, then you will be free of temptation.

4. Label Dustbins: When the waste baskets are kept together, the possibility of getting confused is high. To make your kitchen waste disposal smooth, you can label the baskets as 'Wet' and 'Dry'. That way, you will make no instinctive mistakes.

5. Use Garbage Bags: Most of us consider home waste management to be a waste of time and money. Naturally, it does not occur to us that garbage bags can make the job easier. We usually reuse flimsy plastic bags with spills and spews to dispose kitchen waste. Always buy designated black garbage bags to dispose waste. It makes the process hassle-free.

6. Do Not Store Garbage: If you do any job daily, it becomes much easier. Just like a pile of work, means trouble, a pile of garbage, means stink. If you use the above ideas, then garbage disposal is a 5 minute job everyday. Why postpone it all?

7. Clean Your Dustbins: You waste basket stores waste, but it still needs cleaning. Wash your dustbin thoroughly at least once a week to maintain hygiene standards.

With these home improvement tips, kitchen waste disposal is just as simple as eating.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2012, 16:39 [IST]
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