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Best Ways To Maintain Iron/ Wrinkle Free Clothes

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Iron Free Clothes
Tee-shirts, synthetic, satin, velvet and poly cotton clothes are generally iron free fabrics but if not maintained as explained on tags, they can look worse and dull. Today, we will suggest a few tips for caring and maintaining iron free clothes. Have a look for easy housekeeping.

These tips will also help those who are wanting for few tips that will help to preserve clothes during travel.

Tips To Care And Maintain Iron Free Clothes

  1. Do not soak the expensive fabrics in harsh detergent water. Add about a teaspoon of salt to luke warm water and soak them a few minutes before wash. Salt retains the colour of the fabric and maintains its new look for long.
  2. These wrinkle or iron free fabrics may be sensitive to heat so washing them in cold water will prevent it from getting weak and shapeless.
  3. Do not brush fabrics as they may lose texture and colour. While drying, avoid squeezing clothes (hand wringing), as it may cause crease on fabric. Dry them on hangers or directly on clothes line.
  4. When dry, spread clothes on a clean carpet or iron table and iron with palms. Fold them and press hard. Arrange the clothes in wardrobe or on hangers.
  5. The wrinkle free trousers and jackets can be clipped to a hanger or rolled to make way for other dresses.
  6. Do not apply too much force while hand wringing. Try to preserve the clips and cartons that they give with expensive clothes as it will prevent from getting wrinkled and dusty.
  7. Always flip the side of the fabric before washing. The inner lining is reasonable cheaper and stronger than the outer delicate fabric.
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Story first published: Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 16:20 [IST]
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