7 Best Ways To Maintain Watches

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Maintain Watches
Watches are favourite accessories for both men and women. Be it automatic or semi automatic, they always please the buyers and bring more value to the person flaunting it. You may buy a Rado, Rolex or Tagheuer, maintenance definitely matters. Today, we will discuss how to maintain watches as new as ever. Take a look.

Tips To Maintain Watches

1. Never discard the fashion boxes that are bought or gifted to you. The box is made by the manufacturer to maintain the luster of the metal so preserving them in their respective boxes after use will keep them new always.

2. Do not club metallic or sharp cut bangles or bracelets with the watch as they may scratch the dial or the strap. Prefer plastic and soft material bands to match it with watches.

3. Never use thinners or vinegar or perfumes to clean stains on the watch dials as they may react and spoil the look of the watch. Prefer metallic straps for winter and leather strapped watches for summer as leather may react to the damp climate.

4. Before you purchase your watch find out if it is a water resistant watch, as contact with chlorinated or salt water may seep into the case and appear like vapours covering the dial.

5. Use a soft bristled tooth brush to clean the fine dirt on the metallic straps. A dry muslin cloth can be used for day to day cleaning. Dry wipe is the best way to maintain watches.

6. If you own a watch with automatic or self-winding watches, be sure to wind it once every 15 days if it is worn daily. If the watches are rarely used then they need to be wound twice in every days.

7. As a matter of fact, every luxury watchmaker suggest to have a brief look at the manufacturer's warranty for a proper maintenance. Every timepiece needs to be overhauled every three to five years to check the efficiency and performance of the product. Any repairs suggested by the watch experts need to be done (such as cell change or strap change) to save it from further damage.

Watches are cherished items as they remind pleasant memories and add a lot of value to the person wearing it. They are no less jewellery pieces so maintaining watches will speak about how good a homemaker and housekeeper one is. Preserving timepieces is also a talent.

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Story first published: Friday, December 2, 2011, 17:17 [IST]
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