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8 Natural Fertilisers For Rose Soil

By Debdatta Mazumbder

Rose is acknowledged as the symbol of romance throughout the world. Just like you lit up the fire of romance very slowly, you have to put in the same effort to grow a rose plant in your garden. Growing rose in a garden is bliss for the gardener.

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To make your garden look wonderful with roses, you need some tips that are effective and useful. Fertilizers and pesticides must be put according to the need of the plant. Now, you can always use any kind of synthetic fertilizers. But those can cause fast growth of the plants which may attract pests. Besides, over using of chemicals can cause spots on the stem and leaves. Therefore, it is always a better option to use natural fertilisers for rose soil.

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There are many ways to use natural fertilizers and you can get organic fertilizers at shop. Choose any one from the 8 natural fertilizers for rose soil to have plenty of flowers. What if you can make homemade and natural fertilizers for rose soil? Yes, it is possible and you can make it with some of the waste material of your household. For example, don’t throw the fish tank water while cleaning the aquarium. Pour the water into your rose plant. It is a wonderful fertilizer for rose plants.

Here are 8 natural fertilizers for rose soil. You can use these to get a garden full of blooms-


1. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are important as it serves essential nutrients like potassium, magnesium, nitrogen etc. to the soil. Such nutrients enhance the plants' growth and also the flowers. Take a handful of coffee ground and sprinkle it on the facade of the soil.


2. White Vinegar

This is one ingredient which is always available in your kitchen. White vinegar boosts up the acid quotient of the soil which is necessary for the growth of rose plant. But to provide nutrients to the soil you need an additional fertilizer with white vinegar. Use coffee ground with it.


3. Kelp with Molasses

This is very effective among 8 natural fertilizers for rose soil. This fertilizer is full of nutrients which enhances the growth of flowers and new foliage. Along with kelp and molasses, you need apple cider vinegar, water and Epsom salt to make this fertilizer.


4. Banana Peels

You know the benefits of banana to your body. Do you know how banana peels serve enough nutrients to rose plants? Banana peels are enriched with potassium. If you bury the peels 4-6 inches deep at the plants' base, the yielding will be better than before.


5. Fish Tank Water

It is very useful of all natural fertilizers for rose soil. If you've a fish bowl or an aquarium, you will need to clean it regularly. Instead of draining it, pour it out at the base of your rose plants. The nitrogen in this water is helpful for flowers' growth. Don't use extremely dirty water.


6. Egg Shells

From 8 natural fertilizers for rose soil, you can pick this one without any doubt. Calcium carbonate, present in egg shells, is important for roses' growth. You can crush the egg shells into little pieces or churn those into a powder. It will also serve you as helpful compost.


7. Epsom Salt

One of the most important organic fertilizers you can use for roses. It is full of magnesium and sulfate which helps the functioning of the plants. Magnesium aids in photosynthesis while sulfate boosts the plants' power to intake nutrients.

Story first published: Sunday, September 6, 2015, 14:00 [IST]
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