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Small Indoor Plants To Decorate House

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Having some green inside your house can change the look of the interiors. In many houses you can find small indoor plants that are used as a centrepiece or to cover small spaces in the room. Well, there are many small plants that can be used to decorate your small garden, balcony or your office desk!Yes, you read it right. In many office desks, you can find small plants as they look lively and green too! Apart from having a fetish from small aquariums, you can also try decorating your house or office desk with some green plants.

You might have seen the lucky bamboo plants in many houses. This small indoor plant is considered lucky for the house so these small greens are grown indoors. Lucky bamboos are commonly seen as a centrepiece in the living room or in the office desk. Some famous small plants are snake plant, cactus, money plant to name a few.

So, depending on the space and needs, you can grow various small indoor plants and use them to decorate the house. These plants can add a different glow to the interior design of the house. All you need is little care to maintain the indoor plants. Use plastic or mud pots (or small containers) to decorate the hosue and avoid spreading mud all around. The best thing about these small plants is that you can either hang these small plants inside your house or use them as a showpiece.

Here are a few small plants that you can use indoor as showpieces:


Lucky bamboo

This plant is very popular in many households. You can keep them in the living room or bedroom.


Money plant

Also known as pothos, they are easy to maintain and can be used anywhere in the house. The heart shaped leaves of the climber plant can be used to decorate the crockery section or balcony.


Spider plant

The small spiderettes is an easy to grow small indoor plant. Keep cutting the long leaves to use the plant as a showpiece.


Snake plant

Also known as mother-in-law's tongue , the sword like leaves can add a touch to the indoor decor.


African violet

The bright beautiful flowers of this small indoor plant can make an excellent showpiece. You can plant them near the window or in the bedroom.


Senecio plant

This flowering plant can be used to decorate the balcony. Hang these leafy green plants to make your balcony look like a garden.



The small indoor plant can be used as a centrepiece on the dining table or side tables in the living room.



This small plant is most commonly used as an indoor plant. They are easy to maintain.

Story first published: Thursday, November 29, 2012, 15:09 [IST]
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