How To Make A Greenhouse In Your Garden?

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To make a greenhouse at home is a very useful activity. It is an one time investment you are making and all your plants are safe for the coming winters as long as the greenhouse stands in your garden. Now you might have seen greenhouses only in botanical gardens or nurseries but honestly speaking it is not really that complicated.

If you are to plan, design and make your own green house then you have understand the basic science behind it carefully. A greenhouse is indispensable for winter gardening because it traps the heat of the sun inside and does not allow it to reflect back. Certain materials like glass and PVC are known to have greenhouse properties.

To make a greenhouse at home you need to look for affordable options and here are some.

Steps To Make Greenhouse At Home:

1. First of all the greenhouse has to be at the sunniest spot in your garden or verandah. No point making a greenhouse is shade because if it doesn't get any sunlight it won't trap any.

2. You need to mark out the dimensions of your garden greenhouse in the shape of a rectangle. The specifics will depend on the space available to you and the number of plants you wish to keep inside it.

3. You have to use a tough material for the structure of the greenhouse because it the structure that will hold it together. Avoid using low quality plastic or twigs here.

4. The most affordable and solid option will be to use left over wooden planks from your old furniture. You can also us the aluminum rods from your old household things.

5. The basic structure will be a like room, four walls rising on a base of a rectangle. The top can be the either rounded or conical like a hut. The rounded structure is difficult to make but it allows more sunlight into the greenhouse.

6. You can use either drill and screw or ropes to adhere the structure together. Either ways make sure you do a great job at the joints.

7. Glass is a good idea only if you are building a greenhouse professionally for winter gardening. Otherwise it is is difficult to get the glass to fit the frame and it needs an expert to fit it together. Moreover a glass greenhouse would not be safe without a custom made frame.

8. The other more feasible and convenient options are PVC. It is definitely not the flimsy plastics we are talking about but thick sheets of transparent plastic. You can find this material on the plastic covers used to cover table linen or the plastic used on umbrellas.

9. When your greenhouse is ready, arrange the plants inside it and your plants wont feel cold again. It can sustain them through the cold nights.

Use these gardening tips to make a greenhouse at home.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 31, 2012, 16:12 [IST]
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