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Nut Plants To Grow In Your Home

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Nut Plants In Your Home
Are you of the conception that nuts can be grown only on a commercial scale? Well though it is true that most nut plants grow huge in size, there are also some viable options of nut plants that can be grown in your home. Follow your passion for gardening with a hint of difference by growing nuts in your backyard.

Grow nut plants in your home for the purpose of self sufficiency. Some of the smaller alternatives of nut plants that you can grow in your backyard are here below.

Almonds: Almonds fall in the family of peaches, plums and nectarines. If you have to grow it in your garden you can opt for the dwarf variety of almond plant. You can also try grafting the root stocks.

Don't go for feasting on the fruit of this plant as it is not edible, but the seed is. Almond plants blossom into beautiful pink flowers in spring in addition to yielding fruits in summer. The nuts are not only used for cooking but can also be used as beauty face masks. .

Peanuts- Peanuts belong to the peas and beans family. They require a long harvest season but are very easy to harvest. The flower blossoms above the soil but the seed actually grows under ground. You can munch on roasted peanuts or can even make peanut butter out of your harvest. If you have a little land in your garden to spare then make 3-4 small rows in it and then plant the seeds in them to grow.

Hazelnuts And Filberts- It is actually a multi-stemmed shrub and has a lovely fall colour. Hazelnuts are round, hard and chewy, while filberts are a slightly elongated version of the same. These nut plants produce nuts from a very young age. Its little shrub like structure makes it ideal for home garden. Children simply love to bite into hazelnuts and filberts and it can also be used to flavour chocolates and ice creams.

Tree Nuts- There are several variety of tree nuts that can be easily grown at home and are extremely delectable. Nuts like black walnuts, hickory and pecan grow on a wide variety of soil range. They can grow quite comfortably in any corner of your nut orchard and you do not even need to give much effort to it.

Chinkapins- These nuts are closely related to chestnuts. They grow wild in shrubs which is why they are ideal for home growth. Even if you cut the stem they will easily survive. Let your children gather the nuts at the time of fall and enjoy its crunch.

Grow these nut plants in your home garden and reap the benefits soon!

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 18:06 [IST]
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