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5 Vegetables To Grow In Winter

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Grow Vegetables Winter
Its winter time and the garden needs some fresh new plants for the new look. Winter is the season of vegetables and fruits. You can grow vegetables at home too! Take a look at the vegetables which you can grow in winter.

Vegetables to grow in winter:

Peas: You can sow the seeds now to get the vegetables by early spring. Dig the soil and sow the seeds only one inch under the soil. You can sow in vertical or horizontal rows depending on the space of the garden. Use pea shoots in soup or salads to get the taste of peas. To increase the germination process, keep the pea seeds in a wet cloth and sow on the soil when the root starts coming up.

Asparagus: This is an easy to grow winter vegetable plant. You can grow this expensive vegetables at home and enjoy the health benefits of it without spending much! Place the asparagus plants in partial or full shade for the first few days. You can sow the seeds or small plant in moist soil but don't sow old seeds.

Cabbage: Spring cabbage can be an easy to grow winter vegetable for your garden. They are healthy green leafy vegetable. It is best to grow cabbage plants at a far distance of about 10 inc apart. Cabbage can withstand cold and frosts. Plant the vegetable in a place where you get full sun but the weather should not be hot.

Spinach: This green leafy vegetable can be grown in your garden and added to the menu this winter. This vegetable grows best in the winter season so what are you waiting for? If you sow seeds, the plant will take 4-6 weeks to blossom. However, the leaves can get insects so be careful. Always spray insecticides to protect the green leaves.

Spring onions/Scallions: The tasty and strong flavour of this vegetable makes your dish more delicious. Don't pluck the onions before the bulb develops otherwise you will get a sweet taste. Grow this winter vegetables plant in the garden or in pots. Plant them in seeds or sets and water them twice a week.

These are the most common 5 winter vegetables which can be grown and enjoyed throughout spring. Other vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, broccoli, coriander leaves, tomatoes and garlic are also grown in the winter.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 15, 2011, 17:45 [IST]
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