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Easy To Grow Puja Flowers!

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Having a garden at home is beneficial. You can utilise this garden and make use of it to grow plants and enjoy the numerous benefits they offer. Flowers are sacred and you require it in every festival or puja. Therefore, lets check out easy to grow puja flowers at home.

Growing puja flowers at home:

Marigold: Though marigold can grow in any type of soil, fertile, well drained soil is best for gardening marigold plant. Sow the seeds in the warm poor soil as they grow and blossom easily. The seeds germinate easily, but watch out for damping if you plant them inside. Separate the seedlings when the plant is about 2 inches tall. Take out dry leaves and water them every alternate days. Keep the marigold plants under the bright sun as it needs lot of sunshine to grow.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus plants are tropical shrubs which if cared properly can be long lasting. Grow hibiscus plants in pots in winter to prevent it from drying due to frost. Grow hibiscus plants in fertile soil or perlite if planting in pots, and place them under partial shade for first few weeks. Drainage is very important to prevent the roots from rotting. Use low-phosphate fertilizers to grow hibiscus plants as they need to be fertilized to grow and bloom. Avoid using fertilizer with nitrogen as it increases the growth of leaves and less flowers. Prune the hibiscus to maintain its shape, remove dead leaves, stimulate new growth and to keep it a manageable size, especially if it is grown in pots.

China rose: This colourful puja flower is from the hibiscus family can be grown form grafting, buds, cuttings, or seeds. The plant takes time to grow and you can see the first flower growth generally after 6 months. Proper watering and drainage can help increase the growth of china rose plants. Prune the plant after its first blossom season. Grow china rose in a place which has sufficient sunlight. When the branches start lengthening, stalk the plant to manage and maintain them.

Rose: Miniature rose plants can grow easily in pots. Gallon pot with good potting is great miniature roses. These pots are easily portable and can be kept inside the house too! They produce miniature flowers in flushes throughout the summer. To grow miniature rose plant, keep them in partial shade and daily spray water as they need to be kept hydrated.

These puja flowers may add fragrance and colour to your garden. These are easy to plant and grow flower plants and doesn't require excessive maintenance.

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Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2011, 14:52 [IST]
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