How To Decorate Lights On Christmas Tree?

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Christmas Tree Decoration
The moment we plan to decorate our indoor and out Christmas trees, the first thing that will pop on our mind is the Christmas lights. Without lights, the ornaments won't glow and tree will not look complete.

And if you are wondering on how to decorate lights on a Christmas tree, then lets give you some tips. The lights need not to be just the series ones, there are many more cost saving and energy saving options. Take a look.

Decorating Lights On a Christmas tree – Outdoor Decoration

Arranging the string of lights on tree is interesting when you plan on a Christmas theme (it can be colour theme, snow theme etc etc). Planning a deadline for decorations is also important as it will help you finish work on time without losing out the fun and excitement of the festival.

1. Selection Of Lights – Before you plan on the decoration, you need first have a look at your collection. Your old series lights may be working but may look dull, discontinuous and old fashioned. If you like being creative, you can wrap a glitter paper or satin tape to make it look new. You can also purchase some lights so that the old ones can decorate the bark while branches can be highlighted with the new ones.
Do not choose too big and yellow lights as they may emit lot of heat and dry/burn the leaves in just days. The decoration will be a waste if the tree dries even before or immediately after Christmas.

2. If you are planning to decorate a potted tree, then arrange the tree in a corner that has a plug point at a reach. The string of lights may be long enough but the electrical supply shouldn't run long as it may disconnect or may lead to accidents in the house. Also, buy an extension chord to prevent stressing the weak wires.

3. How To Start? - The lights, either have to be arranged from the tip of the tree till down or from below till the conical tip. Decorating in between will mess the look as the connection and symmetry is lost.

4. Choosing Patterns – The pattern of decorating christmas tree is important. If some like to do it randomly others will want to maintain a pattern. If horizontal and vertical light decorations are common, you can go for criss cross decorations. Reserve the branch or needle leaf edges for hanging the ornaments.

5. Important Tips – While spraying water on the leaves see to it that you don't sprinkle on the electrical wiring and lights. Don't water plants when the lights are hot. It is best to maintain the soil damp rather than spraying on the tree.
Beautiful hanging candles can also be used for decorations as lighting them will give a contemporary look to the house and save energy.

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Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2011, 16:46 [IST]
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