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Grow Your Own Popcorn Garden

When you go to a theater the first thing that a kid asks you to buy for him or her is a tub of popcorn. Its not only the youngsters that ask for this salty snack , its the adults too who that crave for this taste. This seems to be one of the expensive items on a menu card in multiplexes, but still its a food that everyone would enjoy at any part of the day. Its easy to make at home as you can buy the seeds from any local shop, follow the directions and pop your snack is ready to eat!

Follow these tips to grow pop corn in your own little garden:-

  1. You will have to purchase the corn kernels which is available at any grocery store. Make sure that you buy them when they are fresh as it is of no use to you when they are dry.
  2. You will need to wet a paper towel under running water, place the kernels in the moisturized paper towel and fold it neatly so that it fits into a zip lock bag, these kernels have to be in two numbers as they have to pollinate with each other.
  3. Place the zip lock bag in an area such as the kitchen where it receives in direct sunlight.
  4. After a wait of two to three days , you will notice leaves and tiny roots popping up.
  5. Place the roots directly in fertile soil or in a pot.
  6. You have to always keep in mind to water the plant on a regular basis especially during the corn production as this soil shouldn't be dry or the corn will be deformed.
  7. After a few days the ears of the corn will begin to grow, once they bare formed allow them to dry on the stalks as much as possible and wait until the husks turn brown.
  8. Now take the ears for completely drying and once they are , twist the kernels off the ear.

When you grow pop corn in your garden , you have to be ready for uncertain situations, but you can always prevent it from happening, some of the warnings are that:-

  1. Some of the kernels will not sprout.
  2. Try to get rid of pests , as all pest love the taste of corn, like you and me.
  3. The kernels you buy from the store are used for popping and are not mainly used to be treated against diseases.

Your wait is over , pop corn is now ready to pop in your mouth. Eat and enjoy the taste of your own hand made pop corn.

Story first published: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 15:04 [IST]
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