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Summer Home Decor: 5 Expert Tips To Style Your Home For The Season

The summer is here and now is the best time to prepare your homes to beat the scorching heat. Summers are good to rejuvenate your home ambience with nature-driven styling tips. You get the opportunity to experiment with vibrant decor ideas inspired by the colours of spring and summer.

Summer home décor and styling are all about staying connected with nature to benefitting from its passive cooling ways. So, get ready to make your home summer-ready with décor ideas that would brighten up the look of your home.

Opt for Summer Accessories

Prepare your walls for the summer by incorporating a pop of nature with tropical wallpaper, floral décor and colorful throw pillows. Keep your home clutter-free with chic side tables, breathable soft linen bed sheets, and minimal furniture pieces. Bring in earthy tones with terracotta vases and fresh natural plants. Enjoy a Moroccan-inspired look with comfortable poufs, patterned throws, decorative fabrics, and nature-inspired wall frames. Soft fabrics such as cotton in muted tones can beautifully dress your windows. Add to the summer vibe of your home fresh flowers and rattan-finish accent pieces in a color palette of brown-white-gray.

Bring Nature Indoors

Keep your home fresh and airy with large window openings and soft breezy linen curtains. The use of earthy tones with wooden finish furniture and stone tiles will create a summer-ready ambience. Instill a natural feel with wicker armchairs, rattan baskets, tassel cushions, and lush green plants. Create your own vertical garden indoors with a living wall, hanging pots and fresh creepers.

Get Playful with Colours

Mix prints and patterns in a playful way to lighten up the summer months. Muted walls with vibrant décor in shades of red-blue-orange will lift up the space in no time. Paint your walls in shades of yellow, this tone will bring warmth and sunshine to your apartment. Introduce a yellow scheme feature wall or implement the color in curtains, textiles, and hanging artworks. You can also make a bold statement in your home with bright flamingo wallpaper or a summer collection of retro-inspired furniture pieces.

Create Cozy Corners

Create a cozy ambience with dim fairy lights on your home balcony or porch area. In the summer heat, we usually find ways to relax in the evening. With patio chairs, sofa seating, and a soft outdoor rug, you can turn your balcony niche into a warm cozy space. Add fresh flowers and indoor plants like monstera, peace lily, and orchids to the area, this will help in getting the freshness to your home. If you have limited space then spruce up your window niche by decorating the ledge with cushions and a mattress that will allow you to enjoy hot brewing coffee and a good book.

Summer-Inspired Scents

Evoke your sensory summer experience with tropical and citrusy scents. Decorate your home with aromatic candle lights and elegant holders in glass, metal or ceramic. Be it a romantic candlelight dinner or a cozy room set-up the right scent can change your mood immediately. Opt for fresh and light scents with rustic wooden reeds that create a relaxing experience.