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How To Make Your Rooms Look Spacious And Airy - 4 Simple Tips By Expert

Compact spaces are becoming the new norm of modern living. The millennials want to live in easy-to-maintain houses. Thus, designers are exploring ideas to accommodate multiple activities in a limited area. So, concepts such as open kitchens and studio apartments are gaining popularity.

But, residing in a small space can be challenging. That's because there is constant pressure to make enough room for all your needs. The decreased size of rooms makes people feel claustrophobic. It restricts movement in space. So, if you are seeking ideas to make a small room look bigger then below are some ideas you can use.

1. Paint The Room White

A bright colour such as white makes the space look bigger. It reflects more light and gives the illusion of a larger area. White is also associated with feelings of calmness and peace. So, a small room appears to be less congested. Alternatively, you can paint the wall a combination of contrasting colours where one colour is white and the other is dark. Using the dark colour as a highlighting element will help you add joyfulness to the space. You can introduce a deeper shade of grey, maroon, and navy blue for accenting furniture.

2. Use Small, Slender and Multi-Purpose Furniture

Since the room is small, a big furniture piece will look overwhelming. Getting furniture that matches the room's scale will make it look proportionate. Also, the more the floor open area, the spacious would the room look. Thus, it is advisable to buy furniture that is non-bulky. Sofas, chairs, and tables with slender legs should be the preferred choice for small spaces. Buying space-saving furniture such as foldable tables, and murphy beds is another great idea to design multi-purpose rooms.

3. Use Mirrors On Wall

Placing full-length mirrors on the wall reflects an image of the wall in front of it. This gives the illusion of a larger expanse in the room. Mirrors also reflect light and make the space look bright. Having many sources of light makes a small room look bigger. It can also act as a statement piece. You can design the mirror frame artistically to elevate its look.

4. Plan For Full Height Windows

A floor-to-ceiling window or a wall-to-wall window provides an extensive view of the outdoor. It invites the outdoors to the home interiors and builds connectivity with the outside world. Hence, when one enters a room, the line of vision is not restricted by a wall. Instead, a person can view the indoors and outdoors as an integral part of each other. While planning for windows, you can also consider having floor-to-ceiling curtains. They add a sense of verticality to the space making it look larger than actual. Buying lightweight fabric for curtains or blinds will make the room look airy.

Designing small rooms to make them appear bigger is an elaborate task. But these ideas can make it easier for you. Along with the above-mentioned points, decluttering lends great help to provide a neatly finished look to a compact room.

Let us know how these ideas have helped you to redesign small rooms.

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