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Expert Article: 6 Ways To Style Your Dining Room

Dining rooms in any household are warm informal gathering spaces to dine and discuss. A dining space is a crucial area in the house that symbolises utility and functions by connecting the family and guests under one roof to enjoy a good dining experience.

You can show the dining space a little more love with minimalistic design interventions such as adding a table runner, creating softness with a floor rug, decorating the centrepiece with florals, using an accent wallpaper or a pendant light to highlight the overall ambience of the room.

Additionally, here are six expert styling tips to upgrade your dining room with a fresh vibe.

Floral Arrangements

Incorporating natural elements in the dining room helps to add a fresh and positive spin to the ambience. There is nothing better than a beautifully arranged flower centrepiece to amplify the dining table. You can revitalize an empty corner in the dining room with a tropical large palm or a fiddle leaf fig tree for an instant space makeover. Adding faux flowers to the table is an inexpensive way to add a pop of colour and greenery to the space.

Add a Rug

Rugs are a perfect way to demarcate the dining space from the adjoining kitchen or living area. Apart from acting as a floor accent, rugs bring out a cosy and inviting element to the dining room. Pick up your style from contemporary, bohemian jute or traditional Indian carpet of different sizes and shapes to complement your space. Choose your fabrics wisely as spills and stains are inevitable in your dining space. Dark-coloured thick absorbing rug fabrics are preferable for a dining room.

An Accent Wallpaper

Add a fun element to your dining room with vibrant patterns, colours and textures. Wallpaper has the ability to change the room's ambience by making a style statement. An interesting wallpaper can immediately spark a conversation between the guests. You can experiment your style with a variety of options from botanical, floral, geometric or abstract patterns. Everyday family meals to occasional dinner parties can be made special with the added pattern and pop of colour that wallpapers provide.

Creative Lighting

The right lighting will set the tone for the entire room. It is advised to opt for multiple light sources with colour options to set improve your dining appetite. Add an accent light in the form of a chandelier or pendant light that acts as a focal point to the space. Opt for ambient lighting in the form of lamps and sconces around the ceiling edges. You can also consider dimmer switches to change the mood of the room depending on the usage.

Wall Art and Statement Pieces

Thoughtful wall frames and captivating art pieces bring in a personal style to your dining space. They add a lot of personality to the room by taking up zero floor space. Add a large-scale contemporary art piece or a gallery wall of prints that will bring an artsy look to the wall. Decorative vases and large standing sculptures can act as statement pieces.

Change your Table-scape

Select your table-scape from a wide variety of table runners, seat covers, and napkins. Appropriate table linen helps in lifting the space with an added texture and warmth. Soft dining cushions with an upholstered armchair will bring added comfort to the space. Set your table with fancy dinnerware to create an interesting design contrast in your dining room.

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