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Happy Onam! 5 Simple Home Decor Ideas For The Kerala Festival (Expert Article)

Onam is one of the most celebrated festivals across Kerala, and this year it begins on 30 August and will go on till 8 September. The festival commemorates the appearance of the Vamana avatar of Lord Vishnu, followed by the homecoming of one of the most-loved kings, Mahabali. It is believed that during Mahabali's reign, the state was most prosperous, wealthy and happy.

Onam also marks the first month of the Malayalam calendar, called Chengam in the vernacular language. Onam is a 10-day festival celebrated with great enthusiasm by Malayalis all over the country and the globe. The entire community celebrates the festival by preparing wholesome meals, wearing new clothes and especially the white and golden saree, and participating in cultural activities such as the boat race.

Here are 5 simple tips to decorate your home for Onam!

Flower Rangoli

Flowers are the most used decor item during the Onam festival. This is because Onam is a harvest festival and an element of nature that is considered to have a pious connection with God. During Hindu poojas and festivities, flowers are offered to the deity as a mark of prosperity and goodwill. So, making a flower rangoli is the best way to overload your home with goodness that begins right at your doorstep. You can create circular patterns using colorful flowers to create the perfect rangoli.

Set Up the Tablescape

The traditional feast called Onam Sadya is an integral part of the celebration when the entire family gets along to have fun conversations around food. Thus, setting up the right dining table decor is important. Typically, in south Indian households, a banana plate serves as the plate in which food is served during festive occasions. This makes the meal appear simple, healthy, and wholesome. To complement this natural vibe, you can introduce brass and copper cutleries to your dining table setup. You can also add a bright table lamp, a colorful table runner, and some candles to the table for completing the aesthetics.

Flower Decorations

Along with using flowers for the rangoli, you can use them for decorating your home interiors. You can hang garlands on the door frame or install them as a flower curtain on your living room wall. If you think that's too much work, you can simply consider adding a flower vase to your center table and keep adding fresh flowers everyday.

Diyas and Candles

Fragrance is always welcomed during festivals. Be it the smell of mouth watering sweets or scented flowers, your house can smell beautiful in many ways. One such interesting way is to light diyas and candles in your home. They help in creating an aromatic ambience while helping ease stress. You can hand painted diyas with poster colors and glitter to add the extra layer of bling to your Onam celebration.

Add Colour Through Soft Furnishings

While you bring in more accessories and decor items, it is also important to rethink your existing room aesthetics. An excellent way to brighten up your Onam is to change the soft furnishings of your home. Introduce bright-coloured cushion covers, rugs and curtains.

Happy Onam!

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