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Beautiful Home Of Newly-Weds Aditya Seal And Anushka Ranjan

The house of newlywed actors Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan resembles an English country home inspired by the latter's fondness for such abodes. As described by the couple, this duplex home located in Mumbai says, "You're welcome" to each of their visitors. The home accommodates a formal and informal living area, a vanity room, a kitchen, a bar, three bedrooms, and a library. The house is designed by leading interior designers Disha Bhavsar and Shivani Ajmera of Quirk Studio.

The design brief of the house involved the creation of a warm, well-lit space with playful use of textures, muted colors, and patterns. The couple wanted to make guests feel comfortable so they suggested steering clear from easily-dirtied furniture and fragile accent pieces. The design process was a hands-on experience for both the designers and the couple.

Muted Sense of Style

Besides the peach-toned front door of the house, the regular wordy nameplate is replaced by a bright and shiny LED-lit "seal" representing its namesake owners. Anushka describes the unique nameplate design by saying," Those who get it, get it. And it makes for a great conversation starter."

Whites and pastels were the color scheme for the house. The walls are painted in muted colors to complement the vibrance of patterns and textures. Tasteful tchotchkes and souvenirs add a pop of color to the subtle color palette. Such a careful blend of colors and textures faintly resembles Scandinavian and minimalist interior design styles.

Play of Symbols and Patterns

The use of symbolism through graphics and quotes is repeatedly seen throughout the house. The master bedroom is lit with a quirky neon LED sign that says "Fly Me To The Moon". A similar sign is seen in the vanity which reads "Drama".

The pastel monotony of the house is complemented with flamboyant patterns. Herringbone patterned wallpapers liven up the living room, dining area, and vanity room. The bedrooms don a diagonal accent pattern. The bar area wears a botanical print besides a palm-print wallpapered canvas. These patterns give the home a life-like quality.

Furniture and the Favourite Spot

Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan's home has rounded, clutter-free and comforting furniture. The couple has sourced a couple of furniture pieces from Dubai-based stores including the ones placed in the dining room. Along with Anushka's paintings, the other artworks in the house are brought from The Calcutta Restoration and Nook at You.

A library is planned in a comforting corner on the upper floor of the duplex home. This library is the couple's favorite area in the home that houses a cozy reading area in front of a bookshelf.

A Touch of Personalisation

Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan's home is brought to life with elements of personal significance. The wall along the staircase has picture frames of Aditya and Anushka representing their life story. The house also incorporates paintings done by Anushka which she picked up as a hobby during the COVID-19 lockdown. Souvenirs such as a vintage camera handed down to Aditya by his grandfather adorn the couple's living room.

Warmth, comfort and togetherness form the essence of the house, making it the perfect home for the newly married celebrity couple!

Photo credit: Architectural Digest