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Amazon Great Indian Festival: Jaw Dropping Deals On Gorgeous Beds

Your bed is a big part of your life. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so it's not surprising that your time slumbering can affect your waking life greatly. You should replace your mattress every seven to 10 years. As your mattress gets worn down with age, you can suffer many consequences. So, it is important that you change your bed with time.

And now is the best time to do it, as Amazon Great Indian Festival has some Jaw Dropping Deals On Gorgeous Beds. Take a look.

1. Sheesham Wood King Size Bed

The Ganpati Arts Sheesham Wood Armania King Size Bed is made of solid Sheesham wood and has an ingenious design that will brighten up your home with its plush look. It compliments any existing decor and provides a great look. This Stiff King Size Storage Bed is a one-stop product to fulfil all your needs and requirements while giving you a gracious living style.

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2. Upholstered Platform Bed

DecorNation's Julius is a traditional beauty with a sensational personality and an authentic design that meets all your contemporary needs. It's designed and crafted with a flat-bed platform that makes sure no springs are added to your mattress, extending the lifespan of your mattress by providing durable support. A long-lasting foundation for your mattress is guaranteed with Julius' metal structure and wooden legs. Julius comes delivered to your home with all the instructions and guidelines you need to set up the entire bed, along with its headboard, in less than an hour.

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3. Platform Bed with Storage

You'll love sleeping on the Wakefit Leo Engineered Wood Bed. This classic piece of furniture has tons of storage space. It has a premium look and feels and is the perfect bed of your dreams. It's a classic piece you don't want to miss. Made in India, Wakefit's Leo is made from 18mm particle boards instead of 15mm, so it's not just solid support; it's also got tons of storage space. With the Leo, you'll have more room for your extra bedding, so your bedroom won't get cluttered.

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4. Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed

You can get good sleep and a healthy lifestyle with The Sleep Company Elev8 Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed. Elev8 is India's most advanced Smart Adjustable Recliner Bed. Its state-of-the-art futuristic technology provides you with the comfort you need whether you're sleeping, sitting, watching your favourite show, or just relaxing. Experience the world of luxury with our Smart Adjustable Bed Elev8 and elevate your sleep experience.

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5. Solid Wood Adjustable Bed

Green Lam Plywood is used to build this Generic Large Size Solid Wood Adjustable Bed With Storage. The plywood is made by breaking down hardwoods and combining the wood with resin to make a new material that has organic hardiness and a cross-grain design. It's upholstered in velvet fabric for a soft-to-touch feel and long-lasting good looks.

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6. Luxurious DIY Folding Wall Bed

The ROBBONIC Murphy Bed Hardware Kit includes all the parts that are high-quality powder-coated metal. You just need the essential woodworking tools, such as company hardware, and small parts, such as hydraulic gas pumps, magnets, and other parts that will make the project more reliable. You will receive detailed instructions that make it easy to make a beautiful Murphy bed at the weekend. In addition to the detailed instructions, a complete cut list can be used to make the wall bed. There is no doubt that the wall-mounted fittings and complete bedroom sets are made in India and are backed up by a warranty on all hardware.

Get the product here.

7. Teak Wood Sofa Cum Bed

The WOODTREND Solid Teak Wood Sofa Cum Bed has an evergreen and majestic look due to its unique, simple and robust construction. In case of spills, gently blot the bed surface with a clean, dry cloth. Please don't use coarse materials or rub the spot too hard. It has a unique, simple, and robust construction, making it look evergreen and majestic.

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8. Queen Size High Density Engineered wood Bed

MM Furniture Engineered Wood Beds are made of Durable Engineered Wood that is rich in texture and very functional. Each design is made with the highest quality of engineered wood, giving it full protection from moisture and external factors. All sides of the bed are laminated to protect completely from moisture and other external factors. In addition to being durable and easy to maintain, this bed allows for versatile storage options.

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9. Storage King Size Bed

Featuring six box storage spaces and a headboard with a storage panel, the HomeTown king-size bed offers a convenient storage solution for your bedroom. It'll look great in your bedroom. With its melamine finish and efficient construction, this piece of furniture is exquisitely made to last. It's stylish and convenient, and it's made with durable materials.

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10. Sheesham Solid Wood King Size Bed with Storage

The Wakeup Pluto Solid Wood King Size Bed with Storage will stand the test of time. It is resistant to termites and water. It can be easily cleaned, exhibits a brilliant shine when polished, and offers a smooth finish.

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Story first published: Monday, September 26, 2022, 14:40 [IST]
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