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Decor Tips While Setting Up A Bar

By: Debdatta Mazumder

While you buy a house, the first thing that comes to your mind is to decorate it according to your will. If you’ve stayed a long time in a rented house or in a PG, you'll know the real meaning of owning a house.

Now, you have achieved your dream. So, set forth for designing it as per you wish.

A bar counter in your drawing room may add a lavish value to your room decoration. After all, spending a weekend with friends can be more exotic if you arranged a cocktail party.

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It is not possible for everyone to arrange a luxury built-in home bar, and it is also true that you may not need it all the time.

Decor Tips While Setting up a Bar

With simple décor tips while setting up a bar, you can arrange a temporary counter of adult beverages for a house party.

To get décor ideas while setting up a bar, you can consult expert interior decorators. May be your living area is small and cosy. An expert will give you the best décor tips while setting up a bar, according to your space.

You could also follow these easy, yet brilliant, décor ideas while setting up a bar, arrange a psychedelic lighting system and turn your simple living room into a discotech for weekends.

Read on to know more about the beginners’ décor tips while setting up a bar.

Decor Tips While Setting up a Bar

1. Talk To An Expert:
If you want to organise a cocktail party, your main concern must be to make the bar counter comfortable and stylish. Consult an expert interior decorator and he/she will advice you best on how to arrange the counter and the seating arrangements.

2. Built-in Shelves:
While thinking of décor tips while setting up a bar, you can be at an advantageous position if you already have built-in shelves. If it is with closed doors, it would look great, otherwise you can change the doors into glass ones to make it look more sophisticated.

3. Mix And Match: While sharing décor ideas to set up a home bar, experts suggest to give your bar counter a sophisticated, yet funny, look and you can mix and match the materials. Buy materials of brass, ceramic or horn and use those to decorate your bar. It will show how rich your collection is.

Decor Tips While Setting up a Bar

4. Cabinet And Open Shelves: How about getting a bar counter which you can use as food counter in other parties or a small get together? Just place a cabinet and have open shelves above it. Glass shelves will look sophisticated. To give the counter an exciting look, you can paint the cabinet with vibrant colours.

5. Armoires: This is one of the best décor tips while setting up a bar. If you already have a vintage one in your collection, use it as a bar. The compartments of your armoire can be the best holder of your regal collection. And the guests will be surprised what you’re going to offer them.

Decor Tips While Setting up a Bar

6. Bar Cart: Instead of having a monotonous shelves-like bar, why not give your living room a sleek and sexy look with the classic bar cart? You can buy such carts from any furniture store. Paint it with a vibrant colour and decorate it with classic and vintage glassware.

7. Bring A Bit Of Greenery:
To wrap up the designing, this can be one of the creative décor tips while setting up a bar. Bring some outside greenery into your room and add colours and divergence to your bar. The aromatic flower or the vines will give your bar a refreshed look.

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Story first published: Friday, May 20, 2016, 19:30 [IST]
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