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Smart Storage Ideas To Spice Up your Home

By Harsha Arun

How often do you look out for smart storage ideas to declutter your space and make it look uber-cool? Do you often find stuff that you no longer use and has been taking up lot of unnecessary space at you home? We usually check for smart storage ideas for home.

What if you stumble upon the right trick to use all these stuff to your advantage?


Obviously, you’ll end up making your home smart and happening. Right and smart storage ideas can do wonders to your homes. Simple and random things readily available at your home can create absolute magic for your homes.

We present to you 20 extremely simple storage ideas for small homes that will help you spice up your space.

1.Organizing Jewelry On A Hook Stand: Its a great storage ideas for small spaces. Hang your favorite earrings and chains on the hook stand independently. It will be tangle free and will look awesome whether its mounted on the wall or kept on the table.

2. Utilizing Soap Cases: This is one of the smart storage ideas. You can creatively utilize soap cases to store crayons for your kids or playing cards. Soap cases serve to be great solution for travel.

3. DIY With Sleeveless Baby Clothes: Baby clothes without sleeves can be converted into small bags by stitching the bottom together with curves at both ends. It can be hung anywhere and can be used to stock diapers or socks.

4.Creativity With Egg Cartons: Give a creative spin to your discarded egg cartons by painting and using it to store small items like pins, hair accessories or even small toys.

5.Stacking Hairbands: Stack your little girl's hairband on a discarded tin covered with a colorful fabric so that she never misplaces her favorite band. Its a smart storage ideas for bedroom.

6.Festival Lights Storage: Take a piece of cardboard and wrap the lights around them keeping a distance and set them tangle free.

7. Bed-sheet Storage: Tuck in your bed sheets inside the pillow cover itself to keep it well organised.

8. Magnetic Strip Kitchen Storage:
Place a magnetic strip in your kitchen mounted on the wall or inside the shelf and stack all your knives on it.

9.Wine Rack Holders: Wine racks can not only be used in storing wines but can also be used creatively in the bathroom for storing towels.

10. Shoe Organizer Storage: Shoe organizer can also be used to hold tones of things like bottles, socks, jewelry, accessories and scarfs.

11. Perfect Storage For Chords: All types of chords can be organised systematically using toilet paper rolls. Simple yet effective.

12. Multipurpose Use Of Baskets: Cane or plastic baskets can be hung using adhesive or S hooks on unused walls to store towels or toys.

13. Keepsake Storage: If you want to tuck away your keepsakes, small cards, notes or letters, stick an envelope inside a journal or notebook and store it safely forever.

14. DIY With Discarded Cardboard Boxes: Make different compartments in the boxes using cardboard strips. Decorate it with colorful papers and label every section.

15. Baby Wipes Storage Case: Instead of discarding your little one's baby wipe cases, reuse them to store playing cards, small game pieces or even crayons.

16.Reuse Wooden Crates: Wooden crates make elegant coffee tables with storage area. Polish or paint it and place magazines or mugs.These storage ideas for small homes saves your pocket a hefty sum.

17. Get Creative With Tin Cans: Use an excellent two way tape to stick tin cans inside the shelf or on the wall and store anything you want.

18. Pill Case Storage: Pill cases can not only store your daily dose of medicines but also makes an excellent option to store little scrapbook embellishments.

19. DIY Mobile Holder: An empty lotion bottle can be used to make a creative mobile holder.

20. Mint Or Chocolate Tin Storage: These adorable little tins make an excellent option for storing business cards or even ear phones.

Hope you try out some of these smart storage ideas and accessorize your own little space.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 21:32 [IST]
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