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10 Simple Solutions to Declutter Your Kitchen


Kitchen is the most exploited place in the house. Everyday cooking and washing of utensils causes it to clutter; and the clutter is such that even if you wish you cannot ignore it. Your saucepan is hidden somewhere between pressure cooker and frying pan. Half of the shelves are packed with unused kitchen items.

And you do not have the slightest idea how your kitchen became so crowded. Here's a comforting thought, this is the story of every kitchen. But you should know how to declutter your kitchen so that you can manage your housework more efficiently and effectively.

Rules To Maintain Kitchen Hygiene

If you want an organised kitchen, keep in mind that this is the place where you work and it becomes imperative to make it efficient.

We have gathered some simple ways that will help you in organising the kitchen. Make the most of your kitchen with these clever kitchen storage ideas. Declutter the unwanted, unrequired and unneeded items for a cleaner and neater kitchen. Read on.


Declutter Kitchen Cabinet

Start away with decluttering your kitchen cabinets prior to re-arrangement of any kitchen appliances. Be merciless in seriously tidying up the kitchen cabinets. Remove or give away the items you do not need. This way you can easily organise and store the most used and important cookware. This is one of the best ways to organise kitchen cabinets.


Sort Out Cookware

Make a note of the most used and less used items. Arrange them according to the frequency of use. Keep the never used cookware or those which you use once in a blue moon in the top cabinets. If you need these items on special occasion, you can easily take them out. Put the everyday kitchenware on lower shelves. This is an important tip on how to declutter your kitchen.


Classify the Kitchenware

Categorise the kitchen items based on their purpose. For instance, keep all the pots and pans in one shelf, bakeware in other and large appliances in a separate cabinet. Also, place glassware in entirely different cabinet. This way you will spend less time in searching for the required kitchen tools. You must do this to organise kitchen counter efficiently.


Spoons and Bowls in Drawer

Put the spoons and bowls in a drawer close to the other kitchenware. Arrange them by their sizes and frequency of use. This is one of the efficient ways to organise kitchen appliances.


Clear the Counter

Clear away the kitchen counter or platform. Take away all the unnecessary items or junk and store them in the right place. Keep minimal things such as blender or toaster on the counter. It is important to declutter kitchen counter to manage cooking easily.


Plastic Bags, Foil and Kitchen Paper Towels

Put the plastic bags, aluminim foil and paper towels neatly in one drawer close to the refrigerator. This will save your time in storing leftovers. This is one of the clever kitchen storage ideas for an efficient housework.


Spices Arrangement

Group the spices. This is the simplest and most efficient way to sort out the spice jars. Keep all the items under sweet and spices in one section, sprinkles in other and garam masala in another tier. You can use this method in organising kitchen cabinets or drawers. Alternatively, you can buy spice box. Put the most required spices in this box. It will come handy in everyday cooking.


Cereals and Baking Products

Arrange cereals and other boxed baking products in one shelf based on their usage. Do not crowd the place. If there is anything you have not used in long time and never intend to, throw it away.


Focus on Simple Kitchen Tools

Think twice before buying any kitchen appliances. Always focus on getting simple kitchen tools than the complex and difficult ones. You may consider buying grater that has multiple sides - from fine to coarse - instead of a large one. This is an important tip on how to declutter your kitchen.


Weekly or Daily Decluttering Habit

Depending on the time you have, do a daily or weekly check on the cluttered items in the kitchen. Keep all the wares at their necessary places.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 17:14 [IST]
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