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Six Simple Ways To Decorate Small Room

By Debdatta Mazumder

With the growing population of any state, the old houses are replaced with the multi-storied apartments which have generally 2-3 room-flats. In previous time, the old houses had several rooms and the space was more than the number of people. But now the situation has changed completely. A 3 room flat is not enough for a family of 4 persons.

Still, you have to manage. So, the decoration of your house must be in a way so that you can have some open space. The rooms in the present day apartments are mainly not as big as those in the old buildings.

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It is not possible for everyone to take duplex to live. Therefore it is your aesthetic sense how to decorate your room so that it looks spacious. Before decorating it, you must be aware about the common mistakes done while decorating small rooms.

Yes, though you think you can keep your room simple, your room gets congested with things. There are more simple mistakes that’s made for decorating a small room. If you’re aware of those, you can avoid those mistakes done while decorating small room.

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You can consult an interior decorator or decorate by yourself, these simple mistakes that’s made for decorating a small room can make you aware not to repeat those-


Small Room Can Be Decorated Properly

One of the primary mistakes done while decorating small room is that people think small room can never be decorated beautifully. Make it very clear that it is your artistic sense to decor your room. So, never lose confidence and be satisfied what you have.


Using Floor-swiping Curtains

One of the simple mistakes that's made for decorating a small room is using long curtains. If you hang large curtains that will occupy the space at floor and your room will look congested.


Not Having Mirror

Mirrors can make room look spacious and bright. It can also break the monotony of the walls. A tribal framed mirror can exhibit your taste along with creating a bigger effect in the room. So, not having it definitely is one of the mistakes done while decorating small room.


Not Buying Dual Purposed Furniture

You have small space. So, where can you store bedding or other things? It will be a mistake to buy furniture for every purpose. Instead of that, buy furniture which serve dual purposes. For example, a box bed has storage to keep bedding.


Paint White Or Any Dark Colour

It may seem contradictory but as white makes your room look smaller, any dark colours also do the same. You can be creative and paint with light colours like lemon yellow or fuchsia green etc. Try beautiful wall papers but not with large designs.


Move Unnecessary Materials Away

You may have seen a bedside table or a lamp shade at your friend's house. But those can make your small room clumsy. Use beautiful brackets for night lamps at wall and put the bedside table at drawing room as a center or tea table.

Actually, it is easy to paint on a canvas, but a miniature painting needs much meticulousness. So, here are some mistakes done while decorating small room. Avoid these and you can have a beautiful interior decor which won't depend on the size of your room.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 10, 2015, 22:01 [IST]
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