Easy Steps To Build A Ganesha Puja Mandap

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Puja mandirs are available in different sizes, colours and shapes but what you want, and your desired tastes are never met at a store.

This is the reason why it is best to make your own puja mandir or mandap at home. With the help of these step by step tips Boldsky has shared with you, it is now better and easier to make a small, comfortable and nice temple for Lord Ganesha.

When you make this decor on your own, it is best to have a second hand helping, someone who knows how to cut wood and is good at being creative.

Steps To Build A Ganesha Mandap At Home | Build A Ganesha Mandap | Pooja Mandap Decor Tips


Instead of building a normal wooden mandap, you can have specific cut-out patterns at the ledge and top panel of the madap. Follow this simple steps to build a Ganesha mandal at home for Ganesha Chaturthi 2015:

Things You will need for the Ganesh mandap:
Carton, Extra carton or cardboard, Adhesive tape, Thermocol, Fevicol or glue, Tissue paper, Fevicryl acrylic colours, Varnish, Cotton string, Bells and OM.

Step 1: Take the wooden carton box. Draw a rangoli like shape or a mandir shape on the large flaps of both the sides and cut it out along the lines.

Step 2: Remove the other two flaps or lids from the sides of the box.

Steps To Build A Ganesha Mandap At Home | Build A Ganesha Mandap | Pooja Mandap Decor Tips

Step 3: Now draw a bell shape at the side panels of the box and cut it out.

Step 4: Using the smaller flaps that you cut before, make another design and place it at the roof of the mandap. You need to use thermocol to make the mandap stiff and stand straight.

Step 5: Now stick the tissue paper on the entire mandap and allow it to dry. When dry paint the mandap in any colour of your choice. The first coat of paint needs to be just a base colour.

home decor for ganesha chaturthi 2015

Step 6: Now pierce the roof of the Ganesha mandap with two holes and insert the Cotton string along with the bells.

Step 7: Draw or stick the OM sticker at the roof panel of the puja mandap.

Step 8: Coat or varnish the mandap with paint to give it a final touch up.

Follow these steps carefully to make a little home for the Lord Ganesh on this holy festival Ganesha Chaturthi 2015.

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