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Vastu Home Tips To Bring Energy


When you plan to buy a new house, the first thing you would look is to see if the Vastu of the house is perfect or not. There are times when families have left many houses in search of another just because the vastu of the house structure was not good enough for them. If you believe strongly in vastu, here are some of the things you should keep in mind the moment you shift into your new home.

Boldsky has helped you with some of the best vastu home tips for each room in your home. Make use of each of these tips to have a happy, healthy and wealthy home. One thing you should always keep in mind when it comes to vastu is that you should not go against the rules. Going against the rules of Vastu might effect you individually or as a family on the whole.

Therefore, to stay in a sound and peaceful home, here are some of the Vastu home tips to follow for each room in your house. Take a look at some of them.

For those of you who are new to Vastu, you should be aware that the only reason Vastu for homes is considered as it brings in positive energy. Vastu at home also helps the members of the family to be blessed with cosmic and solar energy.

Take a look:



Your kitchen needs to be in the North East, South West or Center of the house. You need to cook in the corner of the East so that you get positive energies by the food you prepare. You also need to avoid placing your gas stove in front of the kitchen entrance as it hides the incoming positive energy.


Living room

The furniture needs to be placed in the Southern or Western corners of the living room. The doors to the East or the North. Whereas the windows of your living room need to be in the East or the North. When you have guests over, they should be seated in the southeast or northwest of the living room.



If you have a mirror in your bathroom, it needs to be placed in the North direction. The toilet needs to be a couple of feet above the ground in the West or the North west side. It is important to always take a shower facing the North or East side. One important thing to remember for Vastu at home is to keep the bathroom clean so that the positive energy remains in the house.



The bed should be placed in the South or West side of the room. One important key to keep in mind for Vastu at home in the bedroom is to make sure that the bedroom door is facing North East. This direction is good for newly married couples. Place your head towards the South for good health and never to the West as it brings ill health.



You need to cater to the five elements of Mother Nature, which is earth, water, fire, air and space. In your garden, the best Vastu for home is to avoid fruit bearing trees, milk bearing trees, and trees should never be planted in the center or the middle of the house.


Pooja Room

The doors and windows of the pooja room should be placed in the North or East direction so that it brings in positive energy from the sun. In the pooja room, you should not place idols facing each other. They should face the direction of the rising sun.


Children room

Your child's head must always face the south or east, when sleeping. This helps in gaining knowledge and improves memory. The study tables should always be placed in the East, as it is this direction which helps enhance concentration.


Dining Room

The fridge should be placed in the South east direction whereas the microwave and the dining table should be placed South west. These vastu at home directions for the dining room should be followed in order to create a balanced source of energy.


Guest room

The bed should be placed in the South or the West direction of the house. The bathroom of the guest room should be facing the Southwest corner of the room



The direction of the staircase in your house should be in the Southeast direction. The number of the stairs should always be an odd number to bring in good health for the family members, especially for those who climb the stairs frequently.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 2:30 [IST]
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