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Best Indoor Plants For Summer Season

By Vijayalakshmi

Summer has arrived and most of us are planning to give a cool touch to our house decor. Be it furniture or curtains, we want to imbibe some or the other changes in our house depending on the coming season.

Decorating homes differently for every season not only makes our home look good but also gives a fresh feel. However, when it comes to home decor one need not always vouch for expensive materials to bring a change in the home decor. Speaking about decorating the house, indoor plants can be one of the best option as it not only brings a positive change to the house but also gives an eco-friendly feel.

Best Indoor Plants For Summer Season

So, we bring for you some of the finest decorative indoor plants for this summer season:

Orchids are known to be the largest group of plants in the world. They come in a variety of colours and shapes. Orchids makes good indoor plants and look splendid when they bloom.

African Violets
African violets are compact and the flowers come in wide variety of forms and colours. However, if you are planning to keep this plant indoor make sure you water this plant carefully. Keep it in high humidity and bright area, but not under direct light. If it is taken care properly you can expect the plant to bloom nearly all year.

This plant is known for its benefits to the hair. Apart from that, these flower are available in array of colors. These plants require warmth, lots of light, and humidity. This flowering indoor plant is an ideal summer plant for any temperate at home.

Peace Lilies
This is the best indoor plant for summer. Peace lilies can often be spotted at homes and offices. The white flowers and glossy leaves makes it a distinct indoor plant. The flowers tend to bloom in the late summer.

Bromeliads are the most colourful and decorative plants for the indoor settings. Though they can be difficult to bring into bloom, but fortunately, new bromeliad flowers often last for weeks or months and
they have beautiful foliage.

These are some of the indoor plants options for the summer. Which one are you planning to decorate your home with?

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