How To Make Your Home Sound Proof?

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Unless you live in your own private island or live in a country house, noise is probably the biggest demon you must be fighting with. When we imagine our 'home', we adorn it with characteristics of a glorious shelter of peace. But reality bites hard when you come back home and hear sounds of your neighbour's blaring television. You are spending quite a bit of hard earned money to buy a decent apartment so, don't you deserve some peace?

We suggest you not to quarrel with your noise creating neighbours and raise the decibel levels further. The easiest way is to make your home sound proof and look out for sound insulation options. You need not always go for expensive options to make your home sound proof. Some simple home decor ideas can make a huge difference in controlling the unwanted noise in your life.

Noise At Home

Ways To Make Your Home Sound Proof:

1. Sound Absorbers: To make your home sound proof you need to understand how sound travels. Sound basically travels via vibration. To cut down on the internal noise in your house, like the sound of the exhaust fan or your baby crying, you need to have some sound absorbers. Most modern homes have hard and plain surfaces with clean cut furniture that reflect sound and make it appear louder. You can easily solve this by adding some soft cushions and a cozy rug to your room.

2. Soften It Up: You need to soften up the look and feel of your home that sound insulation from within your home becomes easy. As it has been already said, hard and plain surfaces reflect sound and the echo adds to the 'din' of noise around you. Change your wooden furniture for soft upholstered ones. The mattress in your bedroom should be luxuriously soft so that it absorbs maximum noise. Make sure the use of wood and metal in your home are limited as much as possible. You can also cover up the wood creatively with table cloths and covers.

3. Block Out Noise From Above: Most of the external noise enter your house through the doors, windows and the ceiling. Now you cannot request your neighbours to stop dancing or walking but you certainly can make your home sound proof by building a false ceiling. It is the best way to deal with the noise that enters your house through the ceiling. Build a second ceiling and leave a vacuum air gap between the two. As a result your house becomes sound proof as noise cannot travel in a vacuum.

4. Doors Are Windows: You surely need doors and windows for ventilation but they also bring the sounds of traffic into your house. There is a very simple way to make your house peaceful and that is to have heavy curtains for your windows. Heavy curtains or velvet curtains cuts off the noise level to a great extent. You can also choose to have double layered glass for your windows. You cannot do much about doors but make sure you build thick doors.

These tricks will not make your home totally sound proof but it will certainly save your ears some sorrow. Do you know of any other way reduce the noise in your house?

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Story first published: Friday, June 29, 2012, 9:27 [IST]
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