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Royal Decor Ideas For Your House

Posted By: Sneha
Home Decor
How to decorate your house in a royal manner? The answer to this question is bringing a twist in your home decor ideas. Royal decor requires you to add some innovative touches to your house. You can plan your home decor in a way by incorporating unique drapery ideas, antique furniture’s and paint your walls to give it an earth feel. Some royal decor ideas for you to try

Drapes To Match- To give your home a royal touch try unique drapery ideas. You can go for a minimal drapery pattern to cover your windows But if you want a grand look then you can use elaborate curtains. Your curtains can be made of silk with beautiful embroidery to give it a regal look. Fabrics with silken threads are a great idea for your royal decor.

Paint It Royally- Painting your walls with bold colours can give them a very traditional style. Your home decor can be planned in a way where you can add faded red coloured carpets or reddish orange wallpapers to give it an earthy look. Red is a very striking colour but it can look extremely good on your walls. Red on walls symbolizes riches and lushness. Check out the decor of some royal palaces they have striking bold colours. You can paint your house red to give it a royal palace like feel.

- One of the best home decor idea is to add some antiques in your collection. If you can not afford many antique furniture pieces just an antique wooden table would do. Antique furniture gives your house a very traditional and distinct appeal. Expensive antiques, maybe just one furniture item in your hall can be a great home decor idea.

Glittery Gold- One thing the royals loved was nice healthy gold leaf paint. This paint is available at an art supply store. If you want your decor to be royal maybe just paint a stripe of gold below your moldings. By painting your moldings with gold you can achieve a princely look. These home decor ideas are useful to give your house a regal touch.

Portraits And Paintings- The royals loved paintings and portraits. They had paintings everywhere in their palaces. These paintings where of their ancestors. Portraits and paintings of your ancestors everywhere may not be a great idea. Instead place a family painting on your table or hang it on your wall to get the same feel.

Bedroom Decoration- When you plan your royal decor you must keep in mind unique ways of decorating your room. Your bedroom's highlight is obviously the bed. Incorporate at least one bed in your master bedroom with royal designs on it. You can have a king size bed with designer grills and cushions and covers to match it. Use covers with silken embroidery and fine colours. Use light colours like creams and golds. This will give it a very royal look and you can feel very princely while sleeping on it.

These ideas can help your house achieve a palace like house.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 14:25 [IST]
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