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Ways To Get Your Garden Furniture Right

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Most of our lives, we wait for a house with a huge garden and patio where we would spend heavenly evenings relaxing after the days work. When we finally get down to buying a spacious house with a decent lawn and porch, we never know what to do with it. You can do wonders even with a tiny garden by picking right garden furniture for your lawn.

Living outdoors with garden furniture that suits your needs what you want. If the furniture happens to be aesthetically inspiring, then nothing like it. Try out some of these garden furniture ideas that will fit, both your garden and pocket.

Garden Furniture

The Types Of Garden Furniture You Can Use:

Cane Furniture: This is one of the garden furniture to keep outdoors. We tend to choose cane furniture for any kind of outdoor living space because it has been heavily stereotyped. Two cute chairs and a round coffee table is what everybody keeps in their lawn. Why do you want to do what is painfully mundane? You can still use cane to make super cool things like low stools and recliners. Choose garden furniture with a difference. It might cost you a few thousand more, but it will be worth it.

Stone Furniture: Heard the saying, 'writing in stone'. Stone as a building material holds the promise of permanence. Your next few generations can sit on the stone benches you got build. Cheap black granite or sandstone are good options. Stone too can be given the form of fixed stools and can be carved in chairs. An ideal option for warm climates as it will keep your bottoms 'cool'!

Wrought Iron Furniture: If you are looking for inexpensive decor ideas then wrought iron is your best choice. They are reasonably long lasting for their price. You can get interesting shapes and fixtures in this material. A prudent suggestion would be not to go for outdoor garden furniture that looks too ornate to be in the garden. People who live by the seaside cannot use wrought iron as it will rust in the humid air when left outside.

Wooden Furniture: It makes no sense to keep teak wood chairs in your garden. They will be exposed to the ravages of the heat and humidity outdoors and start rotting away soon. If you are bent on having wooden furniture for your garden. Buy chairs and tables made of cheap plywood. They won't last you a lifetime but will be a value for money.

Always remember an important tip before buying garden furniture; you should always by low furniture for outdoor living so that you can enjoy the entire expanse of your garden at an eye level.

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Story first published: Friday, June 22, 2012, 16:32 [IST]
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