8 Things To Put In Your Easter Baskets

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Easter Basket
Every year you search for creative ideas to make Easter baskets interesting for your kids. Jellies and sweet candies are commonly used for decorating Easter Baskets. But, these will only contribute in making your little ones unhealthy. Instead, you can plan to give them goodies that are practically useful and of their interest.

If you are planning to present Easter eggs to your kids in a pretty basket, then there are ways to make it utilitarian as well as decorative. Here are some ideas to make Easter baskets more useful for your kids.

Things To Put In Your Easter Baskets:

1. Painting Box: Every year you present them ready-made Easter eggs. This year, present them a colour box to dye their own Easter eggs. An art and craft box remains useful much beyond Easter as your kids can use it in school too.

2. Memory Games: Easter is a celebration of remembering Christ and his sacrifice towards mankind. It is a good occasion to refresh your child's memory in general.

3. Egg-shaped Sun Shades: Easter comes during summers in most part of the world. Sun shades especially funky egg-shaped ones is the best gift for your kids this season. They can have fun with them and it serves your purpose too.

4. Books: It might not always be the most exciting gift idea for your kids. As a parent, it is your moral duty to expose them to the best and brightest minds. There are many unique animated books available these days that can easily attract the little devils.

5. The Easter Bunny: Any kind of Easter decoration is incomplete without some cute animals. The traditional bunny in this case can hold lots of eggs or can simply be used to wish 'Happy Easter'.

6. The Green Easter Basket: Your Easter basket ideas can represent something special. When everything around us is going 'green', may be we should teach our children to save energy early on. Let their Easter baskets be pots for sowing seeds. You can also go for a potted plant that your young kid will care for.

7. Fish Bowl: Most of the kids love pets. Give your child his or her much desired wish. A small fish bowl with a tiny gold fish will be well received by them. They can care for it by themselves and it would be a good exercise to make them responsible. It will be a retention for a lifetime and not just a gift.

8. Clue To A Treasure Hunt: Your home can turn into the venue of an intriguing treasure hunt on Easter. Add a note in the basket and give hints to search those dyed eggs. The idea behind the Easter basket will be to provide the first clue for the hunt!

These ideas make the ritualistic process of decking up your home for Easter more lively, and your kids will love the game too.

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Story first published: Friday, April 6, 2012, 16:00 [IST]
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