Make A Small Home Look Spacious

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It a huge challenge to decorate a small home tastefully. And adding to that, it is all the more difficult to make your small home appear spacious. One of the basic tip of making your home look bigger us by keeping it neat and tidy. To conserve space, you can also use multi-utillity furniture. However to make a bigger difference, you need to learn few tricks to decorate your small home that will make it appear larger.

Here some ways in which you can have the illusion of space at home even if it doesn't exist in reality.

Make Small Home Spacious

Ways To Make Small Home Look Spacious:

Place all the furniture against the wall. This helps remove the obstructions from your line of vision. The moment you have free space to walk around in the room, it starts appearing bigger. Having free walking passages is thus the best way to make space at home.

Match the colour of your furniture with the wall. If you use a single tone to decorate a small home then it will naturally appear larger. This will create an illusion that the furniture is part of the wall. You need not use the exact same shade but try to choose from the same colour palate like violet furniture on mauve walls.

Use lots of mirrors. Mirrors are the easiest way to create an illusion of space at home provided you know exactly where to place them. Place a mirror on that wall of the room from where it can reflect the entire room. Putting two mirrors in front of each other can create several images of the room together but it might also give you an eerie unrealistic feeling.

Use low furniture. If the furniture that you use is too tall for the room then it tends to consume more space than it actually should. When you decorate a small home, always choose a furniture that is low. This will not obstruct the lines of vision.

Use glass tops as much as you can. It is better to use glass top tables for the centre table and dining table if possible. Glass reflects light and thus does not eat up space like wood or metal. It gives a nice airy and open feeling to the room.

Use floor lighting. Lighting is a key element in making space look bigger at home. Instead of over the top harsh lights from neons, it is better to use soft lighting from a source placed on the floor. It could be anything, a lamp placed on the floor or lights fixed into the floor. This drastically increases the space in your home making it look bigger.

Decorate a small house using these simple ideas. It can make a huge difference by making your home look spacious.

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