Most Romantic Destination Of 2012: Your Bedroom!

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Bedroom Decor
Your bedroom needs to deck up for the couple day. It is the best romantic destination for all couples as they spend their mushy moments is between the four walls. The bedroom decor need not be red and first night kinds but a little more practical and usable. Here is how to blend colours for better bonding.

Bedroom Decor Ideas For Couple Day (Valentines Day)

1. Decorate With Love – Those beautiful pictures of the two of you can be a wonderful collage piece above your bed. The book shelves of the room can be reserved for the most romantic novels and private diaries. The heart shaped mugs or scented candles can fill the corner tables. Lighting can according the usage.

2. What Does Vaastu Say? - Your bedroom is not a discussion room but a place to relax and enjoy. Bedrooms need to be constructed in the southwest corner of the house. Even the bed has to be placed in the south west corner of the room. The placements matter in a big way as the inmates tend to suffer from mental trouble, instabililty and sleeplessness.

The direction of sleeping (head placements) also matters. The head towards south and east is more healthy and tension free while the other way leads to ill healthy and disturbed sleep.

Square or rectangular shaped rooms are best to construct. Clean and well laminated floors add to the postive effect of the room.

3. Mixing Colours – The colours of the room need to be softer and match your personality. If you are humble then more earthy tones (like browns and greens) will suit, a workaholic can go with greys and whites as it will provide peace, pinks and reds are romantic shades.

4. How Can It Be Romantic Destination? - Simple, all that you and your partner feel romantic can be decorated and arranged in the places they ought to be. You first honeymoon pictures, gifts and accessories collected need to be allotted space. Scented candles, branded upholstery, fragrant flowers make the place a beehive for romance.

When love is in the air, there is going to be a great understanding so these bedroom decor ideas will help you in setting up the 5-star comfort you always wanted.

Story first published: Monday, February 6, 2012, 13:51 [IST]
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