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Bay windows are basically large windows, often covering the entire wall. This particular window design gives you a perfect excuse to let in lots of natural light and air into your house. The sad part is that most of us do not utilise our windows to their full potential. If you need a cozy corner in your house, then your bay windows will give you just what you want, provided you design it properly.

Here are some ideas to turn your bay window into a haven of comfort and peace.

Bay Windows

A Seat By The Window-

1. Eating by the window: The commonest thing we do to use a large window is, place the dinning table by its side. It is not a bad idea by any means but slightly unimaginative. Sitting on the high chairs of your dinning table, you would not be able to appreciate the full frontal view of this window design. So, lower down your stance; choose a low Chinese table with low stools to sit by your window. Prop it up with cushions to make it comfortable.

2. Reading by the window: We all need to pick a comfortable reading spot in our homes. What could be better than lounging in the natural light and reading a good book. To make the experience more fruitful, make your window seat cozy. Chairs and recliners will spoil the harmony of reading in the lap of nature. Go for a hammock propped with cushions. You could also keep a really thick rug or mattress on the floor and decorate it as per your taste.

3. Sleeping by the window side: This idea is rarely utilized to its full potential. Placing your bed by the window side can make sleeping a really relaxing experience. What luxury it would be to fall asleep looking at the stars in the sky! This window design can be complimented by a really low narrow bed. In fact, it would be best to use only the mattress on the floor so that you get to see the entire expanse of the view.

4. Your window side reverie: Sometimes, you simply sit by the window and be lost in a long nostalgic reverie while sipping tea. To bring out the idle philosopher in you, your bay windows can be your place to relax. Build your living room space around the window. If your window design offers a wide window sill, then use it to make seating arrangements. Couches can make a good window seats only if they fade into the background. The focus of this space should always be the window. Light pastel colours are ideal for this cozy corner.

Do you have any more ideas to create a cozy space by the window side?

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 14:32 [IST]
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