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Bathroom Decoration
Your bathroom decoration is pretty much done and over with by the time you move into your home. It usually the tiles and the choice of bath fittings that is regarded as 'decoration' for this part of your house. Anyway, who would want to decorate a place where you clean yourself and that remains soggy most of the time! But on V Day your bathroom takes on special significance. Think about it, a romantic bath with your beloved might be just the Valentine's day surprise you were looking for.

There are something that can change your concept of bathroom decoration forever. Here are some ideas.

Bathroom Decoration For V Day:

1. A Tub Full Of Love: If you have a bathtub in your bathroom then half your job is done. Your bathtub decor can make it from a mere bath accessory to a place of love. You can use some ideas from candle decoration to illuminate the curves of your bathtub. Warm water and the warmth of your love are better experienced with aromatic oils that can be fumed in little lamps. The garnishing must be done with rose petals to give the visual appeal.

2. Hire A Tub: Now we all know that bathtub decor makes if easy to take a romantic bath but what about those couples who do not have one. You can still enjoy the privileges if you get a temporary inflatable tub for your special day. It is remarkable easy to inflate with a pump and you can cover up the childishness with lots of flowers and froth.

3. Shower Some Love: Now supposing you do not have a bathtub and do not want the alternative, does that mean bathroom decoration for you ends there? Definitely not. What is the shower in your bathroom for! You cannot make the shower throw rose petals at you but what is stopping you from adorning the shower with garlands of fragrant flowers. You can still light the candles but a little away from the bathing area.

4. The Glass Palace: Most bathrooms with showers have a enclosed bath with a sliding glass door. You can make use of this to make you V Day Memorable. While you partner is taking a bath, you make patterns with flowers petals just outside the bath door. You can accentuate it with brightly lit candles to make it look vibrant. When she steps out it will be a great surprise.

5. The Tid Bits: Other than these special surprise ideas you can make Valentine's day special in numerous small ways. Keep fragrant dry flower petals in a glass bowl, light candles or decorate with lovable little figurines. They will all add to the aura of your romantic bath.

Use these ideas for bathroom decoration for a special bath with your special someone.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 15:16 [IST]
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