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Staying as a paying guest has become a common trend among the youth. Aspiring students are traveling worldwide to pursue best education from a famous and reliable institution. You cannot move with your family every time so, there are many families who give their rooms for rent to students. These students stay as paying guest. They get food and every facility as a house member, but at a monthly cost! Staying as paying guest is nothing different. You have rented the room that you might use alone or share with roommates. Wherever you go, you have to arrange your room like your home.

How to arrange your paying guest room?

Arrange Your Paying Guest Room
  1. Check the space first. Divide it according to the requirements. For example, you need a study table, a rack beside the table to keep books and other items, etc. Imagine the arrangement mentally before you place the items.
  2. Where is the bed? See that the bed is not right next the window. Pg beds are unclean many a times and you might suffer from bug bites very shortly. So, place it where there is sufficient light to study and space to sleep freely!
  3. Check the wardrobe given to you. This is one of the most important items required for arranging your paying guest room.
  4. Arrange your clothes and accessories in the wardrobe. Keep all the important papers in the locker. Arrange the books in the racks. Always keep the most commonly picked books in the front so that you do not spoil the order every week.
  5. Do not throw the empty luggage bags into the loft. Always cover the bags before keeping them in the loft.
  6. The table beside your bed should always have some empty space. In the corners and sides, you can keep the utensils, pen stand and other stuffs here. Leave little empty space because you will keep throwing your watch and bag after coming from outside.
  7. Keep a rug mat in front of the bed so that you do not carry the dust to your bed! Place a closed dustbin in the corner of the room or in the balcony (if there).

How to decorate the paying guest room?

  1. Decorating your temporary house should be optional. Do not spend money on buying decor items because you might shift after few months or years. It becomes difficult to carry so many delicate items.
  2. You can cover the empty wall with a clock. Also frame some family and friends photos to decorate your wall. These are memories and you will definitely feel attached to them even after staying far.
  3. Place table lamps on the study table to add a dramatic effect.
  4. Cover the windows with bright coloured curtains. It maintains your privacy and also looks homely!

If you are planning to shift as a paying guest, keep these points in mind.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 14:20 [IST]
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