How To Lay A Perfect Table For Christmas?

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Laying Christmas Table
Your dinning table for Christmas will be the main attraction of the party because these days we get very few occasions to sit down and eat a planned dinner and this is one of them. So when it will determine the success of your party you better get it perfect. Laying a table may not be as easy as you think it is because there are unknown conventions surrounding it.

Table decoration for Christmas is not the as table settings for Christmas. Decorations are an expression your own taste and creativity with which you can take liberties with but laying a table has some rules. Here is how you should set your Christmas table.

Tips To Lay Christmas Table:

1. Number Of People: The number of people coming to dinner will play a huge part in deciding your table layout. You need to have a table in which everyone can reach the food they want and for this you have to lay the table smartly.

2. Size & Shape Of Table: If your table is rectangular then you have to lay it differently and if it is round then the tactics are different. The size of your table need to be big enough to accommodate the number of people you have invited. You cannot make people sit too close together. Try extending your table by adding smaller side tables of the same height.

3. Centerpieces: Every Christmas table for dinner needs to have a centerpiece because it the center that we build around. It balances the symmetry and gives you a starting point. It could be a candle-stand or the huge Christmas cake or any other innovative decoration item.

4. Seating Plan: You must plant in advance where you will be seating which of your guests. The table settings for Christmas must mention names clearly indicating who will sit where so that there is no confusion at the last minute or two people who don't get along are not forced into company.

5. Food Spread: Your food spread has to be set out in the first layer around your centerpiece. You can mark it by placing a distinctly coloured table cover just for the food on top of the white table linen.

6. Crockery: The number and type of crockery you use will depend on your menu. If you have have soup then place the soup bowl on the main course plate with the side plate on the left side where appetizers will be served. Your crockery for eating need not match the serving bowls exactly but let there be some order.

7. Cutlery: Lay the table with good quality silverware. If you are really elaborate then you will have a separate forks for salad, appetizers and casseroles but usually one big and one small suffices. You have to have a dessert spoon (small), a spoon for eating and a knife.

Use these tips to lay out the perfect Christmas table for dinner.

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