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Inexpensive Baby Room Decor Ideas

To keep the baby room lively and fun-filled, every parent thinks of decorating the baby room and make it look perfect. But the expensive decoration stops them and takes away their interest. Therefore, here we will discuss about the inexpensive baby decor ideas for your baby's room.

Inexpensive baby room decor ideas:

1. First thing to decorate baby room is to use bright colours to add life to the room. Use baby stuffs like toys and cartoon painted lamps to name a few. Keep the room bright with eye-catchy colours.

2. Use colourful craft papers like bandanna paper and decorate the baby boxes, table and photo frames. You can creatively use these coloured papers to decorate the wall frames. Take the hard cover of a notebook and cover with designed papers. Decorate with stones if you like and stick it to the wall.

3. Another easy baby room decor idea is to draw on the walls. Babies love to draw, so fill the walls with handmade drawings to make the room look natural. Don't go for painters. You can draw cartoon characters yourself. Sketch the favourite cartoon of your baby and then see the jovial mood of the baby. You can also paint the characters. Also try drawing moon, sun, stars on the ceiling to appear natural.

4. Add the touch of your child in the baby room decor. Paint the hands of the baby and make stamps on the wall. You can also stick funny stickers on the wall.

5. Buy thermocol paper and cut in different shapes like sun, stars and colour it to decorate baby room. Hang it from the ceiling to a medium height. Try to make small pieces. If you want to make big ones then clutter them in one corner.

6. Take a small chair and place it in front of the baby crib. Keep a soft toy like a baby doll if you have a baby girl. Even place toys on the sofa, an idea for baby room decor. Use curtains to cover the crib.

Use these inexpensive decor ideas for baby room.

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