Easy Christmas Crib Decoration Ideas

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Christmas crib is one of the main attraction for kids. Schools, hostels and colleges make Christmas cribs to set a festive mood and spread the joy of Christ's birthday. From planning on nativity set to manger scene, everything is done by deciding a theme. Today, we will suggest a few ideas for Christmas crib decoration for home. Take a look.

Christmas Crib Decoration Ideas

1. Outdoor Christmas Decoration Theme – Building a manger scene using a carton box, dry grass and jute sack is the most inexpensive christmas crib idea. The Christmas ornaments can outline the crib entrance. Sowing ragi seeds around the area will help you have a green fields around the place. Do not water after it reaches a good height, the drying shoots will add to the beautiful and natural nativity set.

2. Italian Christmas Theme – The native scene of the Roman villages (naples and sicily) is brought live with creation. The precepe (traditional creches) is set a few days before Christmas and the baby Jesus is placed on the eve. Carved figurines are arranged according to the story. Although difficult, the Vatican theme is grand and creative.

3. Easy Christmas Crib Decoration For Kids – With the ice cream sticks you can make wonders. Stick three ice cream sticks (one over another) with the help of an adhesive. The walls an roof are built balancing eachother. The foundation is laid using damp clay so piercing sticks would be enough. Painting a coat of fevicol will hold the stick together. Allow it to dry. Arrange the colourful clay models and cover the empty areas with hay.

4. Snow Theme – The ice cream sticks are painted white or melted wax. Cotton balls can cover the area to give snow effect. A snow man and santa claus figurines can also be added around the Christmas crib. Stars and other silver ornaments can add sparkle. Series lights around the baby jesus crib and at the entrance can look unique and grand.

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