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Christmas 2020: 15 Best Festive Ideas To Lift Your Home Decor

Christmas is almost knocking on our doors and before you know it, you'll be busy thinking about chic and festive ideas for your home decor. While some are interested in twinkle lights or glitters galore, you can opt for vintage or classic style to refresh your decorations. From rustic showpieces to good old wreaths and wooden pine trees, Christmas decor is always packed with unlimited potential once you add a good pinch of creativity.

We have curated a list of innovative festive ideas that will kickstart your inspiration and this will certainly make your spirits joyful, bright and merry.


1. Get some (Yule) logs

This will instantly turn your indoor into an outdoor retreat. Who doesn't love a warm and cosy Christmas in winter? Gathering around the fireplace with your closest people will make this your best Christmas.


2. How About a Twinkly Little Lights?

There is probably no Christmas without those bright twinkly lights. String lights are the coolest because you can change the colour of your lights with just a switch. Also, you can configure them and they are very versatile as well. You can drape them around a tree or hang them from your balcony. Create your own custom designs and woo the crowd!


3. Hang Beautiful Stockings

Hanging your stocking with care is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your Christmas decor. On staircases, windows, railings, you can place them wherever you want to. Also, you can get some candy cane stocking hangers to add little fun to your decor.


4. Turn Your Front Door Into A Present

Transforming your front door into a Christmas present with a wreath, ribbon, bells and an oversized bow. You can also add glitters and small wooden pines or cherry balls to make them look cute.


5. Light Some Beautiful Candles

Holiday candles are always a classic and give festive vibes. Pull out some candles from storage or get some new fancy fragrant candles and place them on your table or mantel to add some rustic charm to your decor.


6. Faux Fur Throws and Rugs

Being cosy is the best way to celebrate this winter festival. This will instantly make your room comfy. You can drape it on a chair, place it on the floor or bed to add a soothing look to your decor.


7. Snowy Christmas Tree

This trick is simply a classic. Decorate your tree in whichever way you like because options are endless. Throw some snow (cotton), hang some small gifts, thick ribbon strands, fabric, cherry balls, lights to make it the centrepiece of your home. Complete it with a glittery golden or red star on top.


8. Original Or Wooden Pinecones

Christmas is incomplete without pine cones. You can either paint them golden or silver for a bright and shimmery effect. This will surely shine in the candlelight and brighten up your decor. This can be your instant tablescape for Christmas.


9. Don’t Forget Your Chandelier

A grand chandelier gets everyone's attention and when it is Christmas, you have an extra chance to make it look stunning. Decorate it with ties, bows or springs of pine, snowflakes. You can never go wrong with this one.


10. DIY Snowflakes To Get The Snowy Scenes Going

All you need is a pair of scissors and beautiful printed papers to create magical snowflakes. Also, you can put lots of cotton balls to create a snowy environment. It will look like a blanket of snow for sure and you can also add pop to it by placing some bottles or figurines.


11. Comfy Pompom Sweaters

Add fun to your style by wearing a pompom sweater or tree skirt or by using them as a decoration piece. They always look fun and festive and therefore, you can either create one at home or get it from a store.


12. Forest In A Bottle

You can create a forest under the glass of a cake stand or create one in a jar or bottle. Not only will it elevate the decor of your room, but it will add grace to the whole Christmas setting.


13. Gift Wrap Runners

This will instantly lift the decor of your room. Roll it on a table and it will immediately spice up the Christmas decor. You can go with subtle shades of vibrant hues. Gift wrappers can be really handy when you run out of paper runners.


15. Mason Jars

These glass jars are extremely gorgeous, and you can use it to serve a smoothie or decorate it. Build a forest inside it, or light candles, they just blend in with any kind of decor. You can tie a rope around it and add some shiny snowflakes to make them look cute.

Bring the outdoor inside this Christmas and celebrate this day in a best possible manner. Always remember less is more.