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Why Apple, Not Coffee? Here’s Why You Should Consider Starting Your Day With This Fruit

Most people don't consider it "morning" until they've had their first cup of coffee. When you're feeling sleepy and sluggish, a shot of caffeine will help wake you up by increasing your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature and brain activity. [1]

Caffeine has several positive effects on health that cannot be ignored, but it also has some drawbacks. Caffeine has been linked to an increase in acidity, severe anxiety, mineral loss, renal impairment, restlessness and addiction. [2]

So if you're trying to find something other than coffee, how about trying a big, shiny, healthy apple instead?

Benefits Of Apples

Apples are among the most popular fruits in the world, and for good reason: they're packed with nutrients and easy to find. Apples are packed with powerful antioxidants such as quercetin, vitamin E, catechin, vitamin C, phloridzin, retinol, beta-carotene and chlorogenic acid.

They have the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth, lower cholesterol levels, help with weight loss, improve lung functions, lower the risk of diabetes, promote good gut health, and improve mental health, to name a few. [3]

The phytochemicals in apples are known to prevent a range of chronic diseases, including some mentioned above.

So, how does it compare to coffee in terms of keeping you alert, though?

Why Apple, Not Coffee?

Apple, in contrast to coffee, does not contain caffeine, which stimulates the body and prevents fatigue. Caffeine's stimulating effect on the nervous system, rather than any inherent energetic properties, is responsible for its energising effects.

Alternatively, the natural sugars or fructose in an apple provide a much more nutritious and effective energy boost. The fruit's sugars provide you with an immediate burst of energy that serves to awaken you. In addition, unlike coffee, eating an apple won't leave you feeling drained afterwards. It's a more sustainable source of energy than coffee.

Apples, unlike coffee, are packed with filling fibre that keeps you satisfied for hours. It's a healthier substitute for your regular cup of coffee as it is also loaded with many phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Apples are a great way to kick off a healthy day for anyone who is trying to lose weight. [4]

So, the next day, when you want a boost of energy early morning, you know what to reach out for.

Story first published: Thursday, September 8, 2022, 22:36 [IST]
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