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16 Surprising Triggers Of Depression: All The Reasons That Could Cause Depression

Depression not just attacks you emotionally and mentally but also physically. When the emotional symptoms take over as the major symptoms, how the mental health disorder is attacking your body is often disregarded by many.

Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders with more than 300 million people in the world are battling depression every day. And India is the most depressed country in the world [1].

Depression can impact your life in ways that can change you as a person, and never for the better. The deliberating mental and physical pain caused by depression can be tough to be put into words, leaving depressed people to figure it out - all by themselves.

The stigma surrounding mental health disorders are slowly yet definitely coming down, but the number of depressed people around the globe is rampantly increasing, owing to the growing uncertainty over the never-ending COVID pandemic [2].

In the scientific sense, depression is the result of chemical imbalances in your brain. The other causes of depression include irregular mood regulation by the brain, genetic vulnerability, stressful life events, medications, and health issues [3]. In addition to these causes, there are triggers of depression - that is, the reason that triggers the development of the chemical imbalances within your brain. Today, we will look at some of the most common yet surprising depression triggers.

Surprising Triggers Of Depression: Everything You Need To Know


1. Summer Season or Excessive Heat

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that is related to changes in seasons [4]. Prolonged exposure to scorching weather can be a cause of depression. That is, too much heat can get to your head and trigger mood swings. An unbearably humid climate can also trigger depression [5].

2. Smoking

There is a palpable connection between smoking and depression. Studies have divulged that people who are prone to depression are more likely to take up the habit. In addition to that, nicotine is known to affect neurotransmitter activity in the human brain [6].

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3. Thyroid Problems

The thyroid is an important hormone secreted by the thyroid gland. Depression is a common symptom of hypothyroidism, a condition wherein the thyroid gland fails to secrete enough thyroid [7]. More severe the thyroid, the more severe the mood changes.

4. Poor Sleeping Habits

Poor sleeping habits, that is, irregular timings, not getting enough sleep or too much sleep- is amongst the leading causes of depression in humans. Brain activity is severely disturbed as a result of irregular sleeping habits and can trigger depression. Insomnia is linked to depression [8].

5. Social Media

Studies have revealed that spending too much time on social media can be a cause of depression among teens and preteens. Internet addicts, it has been proven, has a different way of looking at the world around them affecting their companionship and interaction with people around them [9]. Several studies have linked overconsumption of social media with depression.


6. Relationship and Sex Issues

This is another one of those major causes of depression. Relationship problems can take a toll on our mental health and affect our daily lives. Issues with your partner can also lead to reduced or no sexual satisfaction, increasing your risk of depression [10]. Studies have shown that individuals who had higher levels of sexual satisfaction had lower levels of depression.

7. Financial Problems

Having trouble with finances is amongst the leading causes of depression. People who are not able to make ends meet will find it hard to deal with life with depression inevitably setting in.

8. Pollution

Several studies have shown that for people who live in urban areas where pollution levels are uncontrollably high, the incidence of depression was increased by a staggering 50 per cent.

9. End Of Favourite TV Show/Movie

While you may find this hard to believe, it is true. Reaching the final episode of a TV show or a movie triggers depression in many people [11]. According to a 2009 study, some Avatar fans reported feeling depressed and even suicidal because the movie's fictional world was not real. In addition to this, depression can also be triggered by the end of a big home renovation or a vacation.

10. Place You Live

The place you live has an impact on triggering depression [12]. Studies have shown that people who live in urban settings are at a 12-20 per cent increased risk of developing depression than people living in less populated areas. Some of the factors responsible for these are higher rates of environmental pollution and noise pollution, accidents, violence etc.


11. Too Many Choices

Yes, having too many choices can also trigger depression [13]. For some people, having too many options can exhaust them, mentally and physically, causing them to search for the best option (perfectionism).

12. Lack Of A Balanced Diet

A well-balanced diet and nutrition are essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our body needs all sorts of essential nutrients to function properly, which, when absent, can result in malnutrition. Optimal mental health requires adequate availability and absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino and fatty acids as essential building blocks for the brain cells and neurotransmitters. When the nutritional biochemistry of your body is imbalanced, your mental health is affected, triggering depression [14].

13. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills have certain side effects and one of the reported ones is depression [15]. Oral contraceptives contain a synthetic version of progesterone, which can trigger depression in some women.

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14. Rx Medications

Heart drugs such as beta-blockers and calcium-channel blockers, cholesterol-lowering statins, anticonvulsants, opioids, and corticosteroids can trigger depression and is a common side effect associated with these medications.

15. Pregnancy and Delivery

Many women report developing depression after pregnancy. A new mother is at increased risk of depression after giving birth. According to studies, postpartum depression affects as many as one in five mothers. Certain changes and shifts in your appearance and the ‘pressure' of being a new mother may cause clinical depression in new mothers that sometimes require expert medical attention [16].

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16. Familial Problems

Poor family relationships are some of the major causes of depression. Mood swings emanating from strained family relationships and dealing with family issues can lead to depression in humans.


On A Final Note…

You may feel like your life is ending but know that help is out there. Depression can make it difficult for you to live your life like the way the people around you live. But proper care and help can aid in bringing one out of the web of hopelessness. Know that you are not alone. Talk to a specialist or a mental health expert.

Mental Health Helpline Numbers

1. COOJ Mental Health Foundation (COOJ)- Helpline: 0832-2252525 | 01:00 PM - 07:00 PM ( Monday to Friday)

2. Parivarthan- Helpline: +91 7676 602 602 | 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Monday to Friday)

3. Connecting Trust- Helpline: +91 992 200 1122 | +91-992 200 4305 | 12:00 PM to 08:00 PM (All days of the week)

4. Roshni Trust- Helpline: 040-66202000, 040-66202001 | 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM (Monday to Sunday)

5. Sahai Helpline: 080-25497777 / Email at - SAHAIHELPLINE@GMAIL.COM | 10 AM- 8 PM (Monday to Saturday)

6. Sumaitri: 011-23389090 / FEELINGSUICIDAL@SUMAITRI.NET |2 PM- 10 PM (Monday To Friday); 10 AM - 10 PM (Saturday and Sunday)

7. Sneha: 044-24640050 (24 HOURS) / 044-24640060 | Email at- HELP@SNEHAINDIA.ORG |8 AM - 10 PM

8. Lifeline: 033-24637401 / 033-24637432 | Email at LIFELINEKOLKATA@GMAIL.COM | 10 AM - 6 PM

---Help is out there---

Can the mind cause physical symptoms?

Yes. Studies over the years have demonstrated that stress, depression, and emotional events can cause physical symptoms ranging from short-term and moderate pain to severe and chronic pain and discomfort.

What does depression do to your brain?

While depression can affect a person psychologically, it also has the potential to affect physical structures in the brain. These physical changes range from inflammation and oxygen restriction to actual shrinking.

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