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Is Eating Heated Mayonnaise Bad For Health?

Talk about the taste of sandwiches or pasta, none of us can expect the same without the goodness of delicious mayonnaise being infused into it. The rich creamy texture, the mouthwatering smell, and the delicious taste combine to give mayo the status of being one of our most favourite food items of all times.

However, have you ever wondered why there is a label on the jar of mayonnaise that states that once the seal is opened, it must be stored in the refrigerator? Needless to say, that is because it is bound to get spoilt at room temperature.

In such a scenario, heating mayonnaise is not really an option because that is sure to cause health ailments. This article talks about what happens when you heat mayonnaise and why heating it is dangerous for you and your family.

• Composition Of Mayonnaise

Most of the mayonnaise that we see in the stores is an emulsion of oil, eggs, yolks, lemon juice, and vinegar; mayonnaise contains a number of other chemicals and preservatives.

In the olden days, mayonnaise was prepared at home. That did not have preservatives and as a result it was very difficult to stop the growth of bacteria in them. The commercially available mayonnaise that we buy from the stores these days has abundant preservatives in addition to containing a good amount of acids. These acids help in destroying the bacteria.

Thus, whether you should heat the mayonnaise or not clearly depends on the type of mayonnaise that you are using. Another factor that is crucial in deciding whether heating of mayonnaise is good or bad, is the means by which it is heated.

• Effect Of Salmonella Bacteria

Raw eggs are an essential component of homemade mayonnaise. When there are no preservatives added to it and the same is heated, it will provide an ideal condition for salmonella bacteria to grow and thrive.

In such a situation, if the same is consumed by small children, it will result in a lot of stomach troubles. The same is not suitable for consumption by adults as well. Salmonella bacteria can initiate miscarriage in pregnant women.

• Commercially Available Mayonnaise

This type of mayonnaise will lose its texture and become transparent if you actually heat it. That will taste bad and may even spoil the taste of the meal that you are preparing. However, on a positive note, it can be said that talking from a health point of view, this does not cause any harm.

• Getting To Room Temperature

The mayonnaise in your home is usually kept in the fridge. The moment you take it out from the fridge is when you actually begin with the process of heating it. It is important to realize that leaving a jar of mayonnaise at room temperature for a short amount of time will not do you any harm. This is simply because the bacteria need time to grow.

However, do not leave the mayonnaise at room temperature for more than an hour. Doing so will be inviting the bacteria to thrive on your food and consequently your body.

• Heating In A Microwave

The most preferred device when it comes to heating food, the microwave may be used to heat mayonnaise as well. The reason for the same being when you are using the microwave, you are actually heating the mayonnaise up only for a few seconds.

Most of the times, it is observed that the mayonnaise is heated in the microwave just before eating the meal. In such a situation, it is advisable that you add the mayonnaise to your dish shortly after heating it and serve it. Doing this will have no negative impact on your body.

• Cooking In A Conventional Oven

This is the safest option with respect to heating food. Here, you do not really have to worry about the food decaying. You can use the mayonnaise for either heating or baking.

The only thing that you need to be conscious of here is the fact that you maintain the correct temperature when you cook and ensure that the food is fully cooked before you take it off. The correct temperature is something that is not universal and may well be dictated by your recipe book.

• Cooking Over An Open Flame

Putting mayonnaise over a direct flame is strictly discouraged. It is in this mode that the maximum amount of bond breakage happens and the growth of life-threatening bacteria takes place. This may be attributed to the fact that there is no way by which we can regulate the temperature when we are working with a gas flame.

Thus, if you are conscious of the health and well being of yourself and your family, under no situation should you consider heating of mayonnaise directly on a gas burner.

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