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Did You Know About These 13 Disadvantages Of Joining A Gym?

We're all health conscious nowadays. Whether it is taking care of what we eat and when we eat or exercising on a daily basis to keep ourselves fit and healthy for the longest time possible. When we say exercise, hardly do people think about running on a track or yoga; the first thought related to exercise is always related to a gym.

Gymming is a great way to sculpt a fit body and is on the list of essentials or daily routines of a lot of people because most of us think that the only way to get fit and healthy is to join a gym. Although it is a fine way to get fit, it is not the only way.

Disadvantages of going to the Gym Everyday

Joining a gym could also harm your health, waste your money, or you could even miss out on exercising in the open. Therefore, we will be listing down 13 reasons why gymming isn't the best way to work out and what the disadvantages of going to the gym are.

1. Diet Imbalance:

Let's be honest; gymming leads to hardcore exercising and generally, this leads to an increase in our desire to consume more and more food. It is more difficult to control our urges and attraction towards food, generally junk food because it fills our tummy better.

This leads to a disruption in your diet because one is supposed to eat a particular amount of food and particular kind of food, depending on what the workout is aiming for as an end result.

2. Waste Of Money:

Not everybody is super inclined to go to the gym every day. You see, in the beginning, when it's all fancy and new and we are seemingly determined to lose all our fat, we attend the gym regularly.

However, after a few weeks, we tend to start pushing gymming to the back of our priority list and by the end of the three-month package that you probably paid for, you've been to the gym twice in two months. That, my friend, is a waste of money.

3. Serious Injuries:

When you join a gym it is without a doubt, not an easy experience because you're forced to push yourselves beyond your current physical capabilities and get out of your comfort zone.

It is good to push yourself; that is how one strives forward, after all - no pain, no gain. However, if one pushes themselves a little too much, they could suffer from some serious injuries like hip- or knee-replacement surgeries.

4. Might Make One Feel Inadequate:

BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a kind of hypochondriacal disorder which basically means that the person suffering from BDD always finds certain flaws with their body and wants to achieve the "perfect body" which is flawless, according to them, even though these flaws do not exist.

Therefore, these people try to 'repair' their body through extensive workouts by joining a gym. This exposes them to a number of people with the "perfect body" and makes them feel more inadequate. Exercising should make one feel good and healthy, and should be done not to achieve a particular beauty standard.

5. Gym Guilt:

One reason why people join the gym is that they feel extremely guilty for eating too much or not exercising enough. Now, when one has paid the fee and still cannot make time for gymming because they genuinely have an extremely busy schedule it would amplify the feelings of guilt which is not a good mental state to be in.

6. The Horrors Of Addiction:

Gymming is extremely addictive, especially when people actually go to the gym regularly. However, because of certain reasons, if they stop going to the gym for a few months, they are bound to feel uncomfortable in their own skin; anxiety, guilt, loss, and even depression in certain cases, because for obvious reasons their body is undergoing a change and not the one they wished for.

7. Open Air And Exercises:

One misses out on exercising in the open air as well as its benefits when they join a gym. Exercising in the open makes one more energetic, enthusiastic, happy, and alert. Therefore, one is healthier and happier out in the open.

8. Puts You In A Rut:

It has been said that the best way to exercise is to keep changing your exercise routines and not let your body get used to a schedule. Gymming does the opposite and puts you in a rut.

9. Restrictive:

Gyms can be stuffy and enclosed. However, exercising in the open or at home can be a freer because you are at liberty to do what you want and when you want as well as come up with creative exercises and focus on a healthier living.

10. Wasting Time In Travel:

You may not be living close to a really good gym facility, so you may be wasting a lot of extra time and money in travelling to the best gym.

11. It Can Be All Too Intimidating:

A gym has many machines and equipment. For someone who joins the gym and is a newbie, using those equipment as well as watching others, who probably are extremely bulky and strong, using them with a little difficulty, might be a little intimidating.

12. Easier To Build A Home Gym:

It costs a lot for a gym membership, and not as much as you think to build a home gym by purchasing all the equipment that you require personally because there are always equipment you don't use at the gym.

13. Damage Your Heart:

Exercising at the gym, especially the strenuous exercises could damage one's heart. Simple things like cardio and extensive cardio could increase the risk of a heart problem to seven times. One should constantly keep checking their heart rate while working out.

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