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    These 7 Positive Benefits Of Farting Will Make You Happy

    By Chandrayee Sen
    benefits of farting

    Farting is one such health problem, which none of us are comfortable in opening up to.

    It is considered as a shameful act if you accidentally fart in public. People can make fun of you and make you feel embarrassed.

    In most cases, it is seen that people try hard to control their fart to avoid unwanted humiliation.

    So what leads to farting? Fart is the gas formed in our stomach as a process of digestion and respiration. Fart is the passing of wind from the body, which provides relief from the unwanted gas problem.

    However, it is seen that the frequency of farts varies from person to person. This is because every individual's digestive system functions uniquely.

    Some people may have it at every hour, while others might face it during the washroom period.

    Whatever it might be, it is important to let go of the gas from the body instead of holding it up.
    Blocking the pathway of farts can have a detrimental effect on your health. Letting it go can lead to a healthy digestive system as well as a person can have a balanced level of gut bacteria that eases digestion and boosts metabolism.

    So the next time, instead of being ashamed of farting, think of it as a healthy process of keeping your body fit and active.


    What Does Fart Comprise Of And Other Interesting Facts

    As stated earlier, a fart is a form of passing the gas formed in the body as a result of digestion and respiration. It is a gas that comprises of 21 percent hydrogen, 7 percent methane, 9 percent nitrogen, 9 percent carbon dioxide, 4 percent of oxygen, and 1 percent of hydrogen sulphide that is the main reason for the smell in a fart.
    According to studies, researchers suggest that an average human being flatulates nearly five to ten times in a day, but for some, that number may increase because everybody has a unique digestive system.

    Foods such as sweet potatoes, nuts, wheat, soy, artichokes, beans, dairy products, and oats are seen to be the most prominent ones. Besides, the leafy green vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, radish, etc., which contain a high amount of pesticides often boost up the formation of gas in the body.
    The only way to stop farting is by consuming refined sugar which is again not a healthy option for the body.
    Let us now look at some of the benefits of farting.


    1. Reduces Bloating

    Improper digestion often leads to bloating in the stomach. It is nothing but the formation of gas, holding up which can even lead to stroke. Therefore, it is advisable to release the gas from the body in the form of farts. This will ease your body and lead to the proper functioning of the digestive system.


    2. Aids In Balancing The Diet

    Farting doesn't directly determine which food to eat and in what quantity, but it can give a general idea of whether the diet chart which you follow is right for your or not. It is seen that people who overeat non-veg items like red meat, often have stinking farts. But the ones who have a lot of carbs in their diet have neutral and odourless farts. This will determine the lacking of nutrients in your diet, which you can balance.


    3. Lowers Abdominal Pain

    Intestinal distension is the result of holding up of the fart for a long time. It leads to abdominal pain and uneasiness in the body. At times, it is also seen that people are unable to fart and in that case gently massage your belly to move the gas through your digestive tract and let it out. It will reduce the abdominal pain.


    4. Colon Health

    Farting in public can be a reason for being humiliated, but it is imperative for a person suffering from colon dysfunction not to hold up their farts. When such an individual tries to stop the flow of gas or redirects it back to the digestive tract, their colons further get affected and inflames the hemorrhoids. This can adversely affect their health. So, letting out the gas can improve the health of the colon.


    5. Smelling Your Farts Can Be Healthy

    It is a healthy practice to smell your fart. This is due to the content of hydrogen sulphide in the fart that occurs in our intestines. This hydrogen sulphide can lead to the prevention of mitochondrial damage to our cells, reducing the risks pertaining to strokes, arthritis, and heart ailment.


    6. Detects Food Allergies

    It might sound surprising, but farting can determine the presence of food allergies in our body. Allergies such as coeliac disease and lactose intolerance increase the frequency of flatulence in humans. If accidentally you have such food, then it might be that you are prone to having an allergy. Consult a medical professional under such circumstances.


    7. Farting Gives Pleasure

    Farting can give you immense pleasure, as it removes the gas formed and reduces the uneasiness in the body. It removes bloating and eases the functioning of the digestive system and lowers abdominal pain. Holding it up can cause other health hazards.
    To avoid any unwanted humiliation due to farting, you can eat your food slowly, so that the food particles can break down easily. Avoid having cold drinks and artificial sweeteners, and perform regular exercises that will boost up your body metabolism and render proper digestion and in turn reduce gas formation.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 2, 2018, 15:00 [IST]
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